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ment door

opens up to

store lots of

toys, equipment!



[]] $23.50


Our Best Trector. Removable plastic spark

plugs! Motor-tone gear shift! Redwith white

trim. Adjustable spring steel seat. Full 360°

steering. 1


-in. tubular steel frame. Ball-bear–

ing wheels .. 8-in. front with semi-pneumatic

tires, 10-in. rear with tractor tread tires.

79 N 08922l-37x22x25 in. high. Wt. 37 lbs..... $21.20


Dump Troe with seat. Handle at side dumps

box; hinged rear gate. 8-in. ball-bearing

wheels, Ya-inch rubber tires. Red with white

trim. Measures


inches high.

79 N 08917-Shipping weight 17 lbs..


79 N T8925l-Combinotion: Troctor and Dump Troe

above. Save


Shpg. wt.


lbs. Both for $27.88

[]]Police Cycle.

Crank-type siren!

Blue body; red, white

trim. Grille and gas

tank. Fabric seat pad.

360° steering. 8-in.

ball-bearing, double–

disc wheels; semi-pneu–

matic front tire,molded

rubber rears. 36x22x20

inches. Shipping weight

36 lbs.

79 N 08966l-


down .. Cosh


Autos, Trucks and Tractors

Sturdy, brightly enameled, all-steel bodies ;


"Atomic Missile."

Realistic dual con–

trols, simulated instru–

ment panel, motor–

tone gear shift! Gold–

color body; red, white

trim. 360° nose:wheel.

Same wheels, tires

as on (3) at left. 25 in.

wide. 45 in. long.

79 N M8970-Sent freight

!roil or truckl or express.

Shipping weight 39 pounds.


down .. Cosh


Enclosed Ball-Bearing Chain Drive

Gives more power with less effort ..

smoothes out the ride •. increases fun I

On items


(3), (4), (5) and (7).

[[] Low-Priced Chain Drive

Tractor. Full size tubular

steel frame. Red, white trim.

Adjustable spring seat. ·360°

steering. Ball-bearing wheels;

semi-pneumatic rubber tires-

8-inch front, 10-inch rears. 37x



in. high.

79 N


. 26 lbs.$15.94


Trailer. Red.




in. deep.

79 N 08923-Shpg.


10 lbs..$5.97

79 N T8929L-Combinotion: Tractor,

Trailer above.

Save $1.94.


wt. 36 lbs........... .. $19.97


Army Jeep. Rug-

ged replica .. realis–

tic markings on olive–

drab finish. Two scat

levels. Tow hitch in

back for pulling.

Dummy windshield

folds down. Front and

rear bumpers. 8-in.

wheels with lU-in.

semi-pneumatic tires.

79 N 08955L-16 x 20 x43

inches long. Shipping weight

39 lbs.. . . .

. ... $18.95

All below with adjustable pedal drive!


Drag Racer. Smooth styling at a low price!

Full steering wheel. Fabric seat pad. Red fin–

ish, white trim. Ball-bearing drive mechanism.

Heavy-gauge steel body.Rubber pedals. 8-in. dou–

ble-disc wheels;


solid rubber tires.

79 N 08902l-17 in. wide, 36 in. long. Wt. 27 lbs... $9.97


Tractor. Little farmer's delight! Sturdy and

colorlul. Bright red hood with white trim ..

yellow wheels and bucket seat. Full steeringwheel.

Hitch for trailer. Pedal drive adjustable to 3 posi–

tions. Rubber pedals. 8-in. wheels; 1-in. semi–

pneumatic front and 1-in. rear tractor-tread

tires. Connecting straps have ball.bearings.

79 N 08931 -19 in. wide, 32 in. long. Wt. 18 lbs.... $9.99


Hydraulic Dump Truck. Box dumps as handle

is tripped .. turns completely over by gradual

hydraulic action. Modern truck detailing. Pump–

kin orange body and box, red and white wheels

and trim. Seat pad. Windshield. Pedal drive ad–

justable to 3 positions. Rubber pedals. 7


disc wheels;


solid rubber tires. Ball-bearing

pull straps. 18x43 in. long.





All items on these two pages partly assembled ..• easy to set up

79 N 08920l-Shpg. wt. 34 lbs. $2.00 down. Cosh $19.84