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Create a -winter -wonderland

[]] lighted Christmas Star. Winks on and


Hang it from roof top, chimney,

over door, mantel, nativity scene, etc. Extra

depth and beauty because it's 3-dimensional

vinyl. 29




71 N 98210C- Shipping weight 3 lbs...



lighted Santa-sleigh Set. Sturdy plas-

tic in bright colors. Sleigh 19



long. Each reindeer pair


in. long.


C9}i outdoor lights to mount in aluminum

reflector bases. 10-ft. plastic reins. 10-ft.

cord included.

71N98061 C-Shippingwt. 41bs....Set



Lighted Santa-sleigh Set. Gaily colored,

life-like, finely detailed .. each piece is

rounded 3-D vinyl. Santa lighted from with–

in by three C7


bulbs; each pair of deer

by two. Each piece has


4-in. cord. Can

be staked or hung. Sleigh


in. long.

Deer pair 24}ix33 in. long (one-piece).

Santa-sleigh and 1 pair of reindeer.

71 N


. !5lbs.... Set


Santa-sleigh and 3 pairs of reindeer.

71 N 98227N3-Shpg. wt. 31 lbs. . ..Set


Pair of deer only (one-piece).

71 N 98226L-Allow 10 lbs. postage. Each 7.19


"Merry Christmas" lanterns. String

them over doorway, under roof, between

trees or poles. Half-shell type . . design


one side. Heavy molded vinyl, weather and

heat-resistant. 10).<J in. high, 7


in. wide.

15 C7}i bulbs, outdoor socket, 22-ft. cord.

71 N 98028-Shipping wt.


lbs. . ..Set


[[) Holly Garland. One 18-ft. length decor-

ates door. Order from page 316, item (5).


lighted Red "Noel" Candles beam a

cheery welcome from yo1Il"" doorway or

lawn. Lighted from within. 38 in. high.

Weather-resistant rigid plastic. 7-inch diam..

base, 6-ft. cord. Each uses two 25-watt bulbs

(not included).

71 N 98000l-Allow 10 lbs. postage. Each


Save on two.

Allow 10 lbs. postage . .2 for 7.38


Decorator Doar Panel with jolly Snow

family to greet your guests. Strong, extra

heavy weather-resistant fiber-type paper

stock. 72x36 inches. Can be trimmed to fit

any standard size door.

71 N 98217C-Shipping weight 2 lbs. . ..



Choir Boys. Realistic faces, finely de-

tailed, full color. Sturdy weather-resistant

hardboard. Stand 48 in. high.

71N98212N-Shippingweight12 lbs..


[[) NOEL Block Letters spell out holiday

greetings. Weather-resistant hardboard.

Letters 15xl8 in. Leaves 23x7 in. Attach to

side of house, garage door, etc.

71 N 98213L-Shipping weight 4 lbs.. Set



lighted Angel. Delicate face, fine detail,

rich colors enhanced by interior lights.

3-D weather-resistant ntolded vinyl. 18x32 in.

Two C7 ).<J-watt bulbs, 4-ft. 4-in. cord.

71 N 98211 l-Shipping weight 5 lbs.... .



lighted Santa Face. Looks real enough

to chuckle-he's 3-D vinyl. For doors,

windows, mantels, walls. About 13xl4 inches.

4-foot cord, one C7}i-watt bulb included.

71 N 98040-Shipping wt. I lb. 12

oz.. ..




Note for both pages: Plastic items(!) (2) (3) (4) {10) (12) (14) on weather-resistant back–

ing. Items with ending ''N" (as 71 N 98225N) by freight (rail or truck) or express.