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for all to see and enjoy


Santo-sleigh light Set. Can be strunf:

from house. tree or pole. Cherr_,. colors

on 3-D vinyl. Flameproof, weather-resistant

.. use indoors or out. Sleigh 12Y,x18Y, in. long.

l>cer 9)4xl9 in. long. C7


bulbs, 13-ft. cord.

71 N 98027C-Shipping wt. 3 lbs.... Set $5.79


Santo-sleigh Set. Also use individually ..

17Y,-inch Santa as centerpiece, or in

front of fireplace .. 12Y.x22Y,-in. sleigh for

ornaments, cards. Each 18x l 7-in. deer has

metal stand. Life-like action, colors. \\'eather–

rc"Sistant, fully round 3-D polyethylene.

71 N93063-Sleigh only. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..


71 N98064- Santa onlv. \Vt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.


71 N98065- Set of 2 deer. \Vt. 2 lbs....Set 2.79

71 N98066C2- 6-pc. Set. \Vt.


lbs.. .. Set 11.69


" Happy Holiday" lanterns. String them

on doorway, roof, trees, poles. Half-shell

type . . design on one side. Heavy molded

vinyl, resistant to weather and heat.



high, 7


in. wide. 15 C7


bulbs, outdoor


22-ft. cord.

71 N 98029-Shipping weight 3 lbs..Set $6.89


Lighted Green Vinyl Garland. 18-foot

length decorates entire door. Use also

on eaves, windows, fireplaces, etc. To order,

sec item (2) listed on page 316.


lighted Candy-Striped Candles. Add

warm holiday glow to porch or lawn.

Entire candle glows from tip to base. 48 in.

tall ; folds compactly-store set in hatbox.

Weather-resistant plastic. Easily assembled.



bulb. cord, plug, 15Y,-in. base. Set of 2.

71 N 98060-Shipping \\'eight 4 lbs... Set



Decorator Door _P_onel. Happy Santa

g-rccts yulctu_h.:

n s1tors.

Strong, extra–



weather-resistant fiber-type paperstock.

72x36 in. Trim to fit anv sta ndard size door.

71 N 98218C- Shipping


2 pe>uncls.. $2.79


Goy Moil Box Cover. Bright eye-catcher

of outdoor-type ,


. Christmas greet·

ings. Tic-on cord.


from Japan.

71 N 97220 - Shipping \\'eight 4 ounces.... 89c


Metal Wreath Ring. Specially made lo


post lanterns, gas or electric. Trim

it with holiday greenery .. loops hold them

in place..\lso for posts, picture windows,

fireplaces. Folds compactly .. reusable. 39-in.

diameter. rits most poles and posts.

71 N 98070C-Shipping weight 3 1>mmclo.. $7.95


lighted 3-bell Cluster. Each 5-inch

translucent red plastic bell twi1ikles on

and off..\ ttach to (19) as shown or use at

door, window. Weather-resistant.



cord included.



71 N 91156-Shipping weight 1 lb. 11 oz.. S2.42


Candy-striped Pole Wrap. Gay holiday

outdoor-type ,·inyl, 4Y,-in. x 16 ft. long.

71 N 98215-Shipping weight 4 oz....Roll 63c


lighted Angel Singers. Light behind

book throws up halo of light around faces.

t.:se iucli\'idually or with nativity scenes.

Weather-resistant white figures of rigid.

rugg>ed polyethylene. 32 inches high, 15


inches \\'ide. 6-foot cord. Use 60-watt bulb

(not included).

71 N98001C- Boy .-\ngel. \Vt. 7 tbs. Each $7.95

71N98002C- Gid .\ ngel. Wt. 7 lbs. Each


Note for both pages: All electrical items UL appro,·cd for 110- 120 volt .\ C-DC indoors, out–

doors except (l l) for indoors only..\11


and C'IY:j bulbs from Japan.