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Cecil Skill





Ball with your friends

Beany and Cecil. Try your luck at

rolling the big balls on to the board.

Put a ball in Beany's hand or on the

end of Cecil's nose. Fun for young–

sters 4 to 8 years. Includes: 15-in.

board and 3 big skill balls.


49 N

382- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz.$1.66

Huckle-Chuck Game

Huckleberry Hound provides fun

three ways. As his spring-action

head swings from side to side snag

his hat with rings .. land bean bags

in his mouth .. or hit his target with

darts. Masonite Presdwood target


32 inches


and includes 4 plas–

tic rings, 4 vinyl bean bags, and


suction-cup darts. Good party fun.


N 37SC-Shpg.


5 lbs. ..


Bowl with

Fred and Wilma

The Flintstones

" Pop-Up" Bowling

Roll a ball up to the Flintstones front

porch. Hit the right door and watch

Fred, Wilma or their pet, Dino, spring

up on the spot to reveal your score.

Each player gets five shots



Spring controlled backboard stands 28

in. high. Made of heavy duty plastic

and cardboard. The base has a built–

in ball return. It's a game of real skill

and coordinaticn. Includes 5 balls.

Ages 4 and up.


N34SC-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.$5.44


Ball Toss

with the


Jolly Clown

Beany's Bean Bag

Lob a bean bag into Beany's

mouth and start the propeller on

bis cap spinning. Play it for

points if you want. 16x36-in.

Masonite Presdwood target, 3

long-lasting plastic bean bags.

79 N 381C-Shpg.


4 lbs.$1.66

Bop the Beetle


you·re a good bopper, the beetles fly

into the big frog's mouth. He snaps

shut and you score. All in fun and Mr.

Frog doesn't pinch. Includes: 12U-in.

frog trap, two 4x6-in. polyethylene

Beetles and two


in. Beetle Boppers.

49 N 392-Shipping weight 3 lbs....$3.59



instant-playmate that doesn't talk

but plays ball. Just roll ball into chute

and PopzaBall tosses it back. 50 throws

each windup. Includes: 10-in. plastic

target with clock spring mechanism, 4

pla.stic balls and simple instructions.

49 N 121-Shipping weight 3 lbs... $5.66

Tripod Archery for beginners

"Big game" target practice with

Bow and Arrows for brave young hunters

A great way to get the "feel" of using a bow. The

colorful set includes:


official target and

wooden tripod, two 46-in. hickory bows with plastic

grips, six 18-in. feathered arrows with rubber suction

cup tips, 2 plastic wrist and 2 finger guards.


N 426C- Shipping weight 6 lbs.......... .Set $4.44

Best buntin' this side of the "bush country" with big real-as-life

animal targets . . a hickory bow and feathered arrows. Includes:

Four 12x24-in. targets laminated on Masonite Presdwood with

stand-up dowels, two 46-in. bows and plastic grips, eight 18-in.

feathered arrows. Safety-designed rubber suction-cup tips.

79 N 427l- Sbipping weight 9 paunds . ... . ..... .. . . .. .Set $5.44

Toss a ball into his hat and the

action starts. His eyes spin . .

score clicks in his mouth and ball

comes popping back out of his

bow tie. Plastic target is 19


high. Set includes 4 plastic balls.

49 N 327-Shipping wt. 2 lbs. $2.99