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Belle Telle

whiles away happy hours

chatting on her talking telephone




~00 ?




Belle Telle's hand is sculptured to

hold receiver, other objects. She

loves to talk on her plastic phone

with realistic dial. Mommy removes

receiver, pushes magic button. Hear

her say: "My name is Belle Telle,"

"Please play with me," "Please tell

me a story." She uses 11 sentences,

repeats herself too! Phone has con–

cealed record player with record.

Operates on one flashlight battery

(order below). 18-in. plastic toddler

is jointed. Her vinyl head has go-to–

sleep eyes, rooted acetate hair. Wears

cotton dress, panties. Socks, shoes.

49 N3640-Wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz... .$12.98

"D" Batteries. Shpg.


each 4 oz.

49 N4660 .... ... Each l6c; 4 for 60c


Swinging Basket; Sister Dolls

Imagine, a basket that swings, a cuddly infant

and darling toddler to thrill your little girl.

14-inch infant has painted features, rooted

plastic hair. Printed cotton pajamas. Muslin

body, stuffed with kapok, is light weight to

hold. Her 18-inch toddler sister has big,

bright eyes that close to sleep.

Vinyl and rigid plastic with moving arms,

legs and head. Rooted plastic hair is accented

with a bow. Her lace-trimmed pajamas match

baby sister's. She wears sandals. Her splint

basket swings on a wood frame and is lined

with dotted cotton batiste with nylon lace.

Size overall 17x15xll inches. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.

79 N3248L . . . .. ............ . ..... ... $17.98



Girls love Dolls

in Sailor Costumes



Stands 18 inches high. A

beauty that delights in

showing off her fashionable

costume. Cotton dress is

spruced-up in nautical

print. Solid color coat has

dashing sailor collar and

bow tie. She wears a win–

some "sailor hat," panties,

socks, shoes. Her moving

eyes are long-lashed, like a

movie Star's. Rooted Saran

hair to shampoo, comb,

set. Vinyl and rigid plastic

fully jointed. Shipping wt.

2 lbs. 6 oz.

49 N3361 ... . .......$9.79

15-inch Scout Dolls

They all have adorable faces with a cute

turned up nose and rosy cheeks. Go-to-sleep

eyes and richly curled, rooted Saran hair to

comb, brush and set. Their bodies are rigid

plastic with vinyl plastic moving arms, legs

and turning head. They wear official cotton

uniforms, panties, socks and shoes.


With Blue Bird· Uniform.

White blouse, blue


skirt and beanie. Red vest.

49 N3770--Shipping weight 1 lb. 6 oz....$5.98

With Campfire Girl Uniform.

(Not shown).

White blouse, blue skirt, beanie. red tie.

49 N3771-Shipping weight 1 lb. 6 oz....$5.98


With Girl Scout Uniform.

Green dress and


beret, belt, yellow tie.

49N 3648-Shipping weight 1 lb. 6 oz..... $5.98

With Brownie Scout Uniform. (Not


Brown color, belt, beanie, orange tie.

49 N3645-Shipping weight 1 lb. 6 oz.. . .$5.98

11-inch Mickey



The All-American boy. His painted fea–

tures give him a saucy look little folks

adore. All vinyl with jointed arms, legs;

turning head. Removable cotton uni–

forms. Molded hats.


Fluffy is a cute little charmer to dress. All

vinyl plastic .. jointed arms, legs; head

turns. Has go-to-sleep eyes, rooted Saran hair,

rayon panties, socks and shoes.

49 N3565-Doll only. Shpg. wt. 11 oz..... $2.67

.Clothing far Fluffy. Shpg.


each, 4 oz.


49 N3383-Coat, muff and hat of cotton–

backed rayon plush that looks like fur. Each

has smooth, red rayon lining...... . ... . ..$1.99


49 N


dress, panties, hat. . 1.79


49 N3359-Cotton apron-dress, panties 1.37


49 N3381-2-piece


cotton sleeper....82c

10-inch cuties with sweet baby faces to win your

little girl's heart. Adorable lashed eyes close to

sleep. Rooted plastic hair to wash, brush and

set. Each carries its own bottle. All vinyl and

fully jointed.


Baby wears cotton dress, ribbon trim.

Bloomers, shoes and socks.

49 N3265-Shipping weight 14 ounces . .. . .$3.39

[[) Baby wears print and solid color cotton

dress, panties, socks and shoes.

49 N3266-Shipping weight 14 ounces.....$3.39

(6) 49 N3344-Sailor


49 N3343-Football player

(8) 49 N3345-Baseball player

Shipping wt. each 11 oz.... .. Each $2.79