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Famous Little Women

Marybel the get-well doll

wants you for a little nurse

15-inch doll has a cast to heal make–

believe broken arms or legs; crutches

just her size; dark glasses to wear

when she's dotted with red measles;

yellow spots for chicken pox. Band–

aids and bandages for minor scratches.

When little nurse removes her make–

believe diseases and bandages, Mary–

bel gets well right away.

She's exquisitely fashioned with

rigid plastic body and is realistically

tinted. Has jointed arms, legs. Turn–

ing waist and vinyl head. Her long–

lashed eyes go to sleep and her lovely

rooted Saran hair is distinctively

styled. Rayon satin lace trimmed

shortie pajamas, removable cotton

fleecy slippers. J\Iarybel has the fine

workmanship like all Madame Alex–

ander dolls. Packed complete in Fiber–

board case.

49 N3670-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz..$11.77

Cuddly "Kitten" now cries


.. poses naturally

19·inch do11

Who wouldn't be smitten with "Kitten"-this arm–

ful of huggable softness. Her dimpled face with thick–

lashed, closing eyes will steal any little girl's heart.

Rooted plastic hair is done in wispy baby style. Tilt

ber .. she'll cry softly.

Exquisitely made like all Madame Alexander dolls,

Kitten's pretty baby face, soft arms and legs are

vinyl. Lightweight body is Kapok-filled cotton. So

limp she flops into many poses . . you can put her

finger into her mouth. "Kitten" comes wearing a cot–

ton shirt, plus diaper and a soft, nylon-tricot kimono.

49 N3260-19-inch doll. Wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz.. .. . ...$&.98

49 N3247-14-inch doll. Wt. I lb. 12 oz. ... ..... 6.39

12-inch Smarty

is Queen of the May

These small Baby Dolls are so popular

with little girls .. and big.ones too!


So saucy and sassy ..• fully jointed

doll just waiting to perk up your young

lady. She's ready for a party dressed in a

flowered nylon dress. Wears party slippers

and socks. Lashed, moving eyes; bead

and arms of soft plastic, legs and body of

sturdy plastic. Rooted plastic hair.

Louisa May Alcott's 'storybook heroines come to life.

12-inch plastic bodies have jointed arms and legs. Saran

hair wigs are styled of that period. Turning heads have

lashed, go-to-sleep eyes. All wear cotton pantalettes,

crinolines, socks and shoes.

Lovable 18-inch "Bunny"

holds her hands out to mommy

49 N 3328- Shipping wt. I lb....... .$5.79

12-inch Smarty

in Artist's Smock



Lacy cotton pinafore over colored cotton dress.


49 N 3653-Shipping weight each I pound ......$9.39



Cotton dress with frilly ruffled pinafore.


49 N 3649-Shipping weight each I pound .... .. 9.39



Sedate Pin-dot cotton dress, cotton pinafore.


49 N 3658-Shipping weight each 1 pound...... 9.39


(not shown). Polished cotton dress, contrasting trim.

49 N 3651 -Shipping weight each 1 pound . .. ..... ..$9.39




Looks as though she's ready to speak. A darling

with great animation in her lovely smile and the

way she holds her hands. Big, expressive moving

eyes with lashes. Shining plastic hair is rooted and

has pert rayon bow. Body, legs are jointed, light–

weight, but durable plastic. Soft vinyl head, arms

also move. "Bunny" wears a clotted Swiss cotton

dress trimmed with organdy. PaFty slippers, socks.

49 N3370- Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz.. ... . ..$9.49


And what else would a young artist

carry in her pocket but her paint

brush and crayon. She wears matching

bloomers, slippers and socks. Sturdy plas–

tic body and jointed legs. Rooted plas–

tic hair in pixie style. Vinyl plastic head

and arms move. Lashed, go-to-sleep eyes.

49 N 3329- Shipping weight 1 lb. ... .$5.79