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Page Background

Re-live this


battle as the British Lancers

bravely tangle


the stubborn


· ~16



See 48 fearless so1<1iers of lhe Crown ride inlo


most famous

military assault. Cannon protects the native position .. hand-to-hand

combat marks the fight. Trees, scarred by battle, rocks and vivid-color

ground sheet add realism lo the action.

Groups of cannon balls tell that the 50 Cossacks were prepared.

Above the heat of battle. the British Union Jack proudly waves.

49 N 6054-Shipping weight 2 pounds 6 ounces ............... $9.89


Set up on a table top. All figures and accessories made of durable plastic

Invasion Day



Hit the beach! Landing craft carry troops into the nest of the enemy.

Ships in the bay menace the enemy positions. Plan strategy with American,

British and German soldiers. Cannons, machine guns, howitzers provide

the punch. Jeeps, tanks add motorized-type action. Barbed wire, sand bags,

I cases add a


atmosphere to set.

The Sands

of Iwo Jima




Re-stage this historic conquest with

thrilling realism. Land troops on

beachhead, move them through gun

nests and barricades to capture a

Japanese field post. See U.S. soldiers

raise "Old Glory"

0 1

an island

mountain top.

Troops have tanks, guns, cannons

and much more military equipment

to stage a successful assault.