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Operate a working hay lift


a silo filler


a litter carrier

257-piece Farm Set has 3 tractors, jeep, 2 trucks,




even a crop-dusting airplane .. it's our biggest

Hitch up 3 big tractors. Roll them out to

plow, disc, harrow or mow "fields." Rake

"hay." Work out of a big operating steel barn

with 3 levels and open back; 30x17x13 in.

high. Make haylift raise a bale to the hayloft,

then move it across loft on conveyor system. A

litter carrier moves


and out of barn on

overhead rail.

Hand-crank silo filler loads one silo thru roof

into chute. Other silo has hand-crank eleva–

tor. You deliver produce by truck or jeep. 12

barn accessories including feedbox, hay, ani–

mals, fence, garden, crop-dusting plane, prize

livestock. Six farmhands. All rugged plastic.


79 N 6006C-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs .... Set $9.98

117-piece Farm Set with tractor, working


haylift and sliding litter carrier

56-pc. Livestock Farm Set with


tractor and rolling implements

Open-back metal barn is the hub of activity. Measures


inches high.

Comes unassembled. Steel silo has plastic top, 9 inches high to hold "silage."

There's a tractor with hitching hook for attaching plow, harrow, etc. Pick-up

truck, too. Fence, feed bags, hay, milking stool lend authentic touches.

There's a barnyard with 28 livestock, 6 farmhands. All molded plastic.

79 N 6005C-Shipping weight


pounds ........................ Set $4.97




Young farmhands are sure to find many hours of rural fun with

this scale-model farm. Colorful steel barn measures about 14 in.

wide by 9


deep and 10 inches high. Tractor has rolling stock

that includes wagon, plow and mower.

Eight-section sturdy barbed wire fence keeps 29 farm ani–

mals safely contained. There are 9 colorful fowl, too. All realis–

tically designed in durable plastic. Unassembled.

79 N 6020C-Shipping weight 4 pounds.......... Set $2.99