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G.I. JOE is ready to carry out

your orders in his army-green

fatigues and cap, black boots.

Put him through rugged basic

training exercises .. he stands at

attention, salutes, holds rifle in

firing position, kneels, sits, lies

flat. Plastic, 11 inches tall. With

dog tag on chain, army training

manual, insignias.

49 N 5902-Wt. 1 lb . . . $2.32

Combat Helmet Set. Army–

green plastic helmet has chin

strap. With camouflage netting,

plastic leaves for battle missions.

49N5908-Shpg. wt. 3 oz...89c





He's over 11 inches tall .. has 21 movable parts . Stands .. sits ..

kneels! Takes combat-action poses. Has equipment authentically

scaled from actual G. I. issue. Even has dog tag, training manual

Field Jacket Set. Authentic

jacket with plastic M-1

rifle. Bayonet detaches. Car–

tridge be)t has snap-open

packets. Jacket has 2 pock–

ets. Includes 6 plastic gre–

nades, training manual.

49 N 5903-Wt.12oz.$2.97

Field Pack Set. Detailed

pack has straps, buckles.

Canteen and cover fit on

pistol belt. First aid pouch,

spade and cover. Mess kit

with knife, fork, spoon.

Training manual.


Pup Tent Set. Set up fabric

tent with posts and stakes

for field bivouacs. Has cam–

ouflage netting, foliage. Plas–

tic machine gun with tripod,

ammunition box. Spade and

cover. Manual.

49 N 5905-Wt.14oz.$3.89

Poncho Set. Waterproof

poncho keeps G.I. Joe dry

in field combat. Plastic

field telephone, case, roll of

wire. Radio, .45 pistol and

case, map and case. Plas–

tic. Manual. Wt. 14 oz.

49 N 5906 .... . .. $3.49

RiAe Set. Plastic M-1 Rille with

shoulder strap. Bayonet de.taches.

Cartridge belt, 6 plastic grenades.

49 N 5909-Shpg. wt. 3 oz..... 99c

Machine Gun. Plastic, 5


in. long,

scaled from Army model. Swivels

on tripod. With ammo box.

Sandbag Set. When G.I. Joe sets up his

battle station in the field, he uses sand–

bags for protection. Set of 3.

49 N 5911-Shpg.wt.3oz... 99c 49 N 5910-Shpg. wt. 4 oz..... Set 89c