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Learn to draw

and paint with easy

step-by-step lessons


famous artist and television

personality, gives complete instructions

and materials in each of these kits

Art Studio. For drawing, pastel, watercolor. You

get 24 colored pastels, 2 palettes of 8 watercolors,

brush, 12 colored pencils, 3 drawing pencils, sandpad,

sharpener, kneaded eraser, blending stomp, 12 sheets

12x18-in. drawing paper, 48-page instruction book.

3 N 2372-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces. $3 .39


4-in-1 Master Art Set. All a beginner needs to get

startedinoils, watercolor, pastels,sketching, drawing.

You get 12 tubes oil colors, linseed oil, turpentine,

two 8x10-in. painting panels, 3 oil brushes, palette,

knife, cnp. 12 tubes watercolors, palette, brushes. 24

pastels, blower, fixative. One charcoal, 2 drawing

pencils. Kneaded eraser, blending stomp. Sketching

chalks, sandpad. Carrying case with handle.

3 N 127-Shipping weight 5 lbs. 12 oz•........ $7.87


De Luxe Art School Set. A complete art course with

a built-in drawing desk and tracing box. Learn to

draw and paint landscapes; learn figure drawing; water–

color, oil and pastel painting.

Set contains: 24 pastels, fixative, blower. One carbon,

2 drawing pencils. Kneaded eraser, blending stomp,

3 sketching chalks, sandpad, stick-figure manikin. 12

tubes watercolors, brushes, drawing paper, mixing

palette. 12 tubes oil colors, brushes, linseed oil. Two

8x10-inch painting panels, turpentine. Palette, knife,

cup. Carrying case with handle.

3 N 252-Shipping weight 6 lbs. 8 oz......... $11.87




Make accurate copies of anything drawn

or printed. Easy to reduce or enlarge,

too. 18 inches long, closed. 34 inches

wide, open. Aluminum. Instructions,

pencil, kneaded eraser included.

3 N 2383-Shipping


2 lbs...$2.49

12 tubes oil colors, linseed oil,


tine, 3 brushes, 2 painting panels, pal–

ette, knife, cup, carbon pencil.

3 N 2385-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.$4.39

Wat.ercolor Box


Jon Gnagy giant 9x20-inch box includes


cakes of quality watercolor paints ..

all shades, colors labeled. 10 mixing

compartments in lid. Safety edges pro–

tect fingers. Brush included.

3 N 2378-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs...... $2.39






Jon Gnagy set has 12x18-in. drawing

board, 25 sheets paper, eraser. 1 carbon

and 3 drawing pencils, 3 chalks, blend–

ing stomp, sandpad, 64-page book.

3 N 2376-Shpg.


2 lbs. 8 oz.. $2 .39

Manila Sketching Paper. 100 sheets.

12x18 inches. Plastic-wrapped.

3 N 2377-Shpg.


2 lbs...Pkg. 87c


Jon Gnagy learn-to-draw set includes

48-page instruction book, 1 carbon and

2 sketching pencils, eraser, blending

stomp, 24 colored pastels, fixative,

blower, sandpad. 12x18-in. paper.

3 N 2388-Shpg. wl 2 lbs...... $2 .47

Exciting color-by-number kit features

Dracula, Wolfman and Frankenstein

Monster. You get 3 large 12x16-inch

presketched, prenumbered cotton can–



36 presketched 8x10-inch

sheets for pencil and watercolor por–

traits, 28 vials of quality oil paints and

20 cakes of watercolor painl

Kit also includes: three 11-inch


two 5-inch brushes, 20 wood–

covered assorted-color pencil crayons,

2 pencil sharpeners. With instructions.


carrying case with handle.

3 N 256-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz.. $3 .97


Watch your favorite little boy's eyes

sparkle when he unpacks this complete

paint-by-number outfit. There's every–

thing he needs to paint-in genuine

oils-three dramatic, action-packed

scenes from Combat, popular TV show.

Here's what you get: three 12x16-in.

cotton canvases of battle scenes-pre–

sketched and prenumbered; 28 vials of

quality oil paints; 3 large 11-inch

brushes. Easy-to-follow instructions.


sturdy carrying case with handle.

3 N 258-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. $2.59


' View 'n' Sketch


A real adventure in drawing. Kit helps

you draw any person, still life, map,

photograph-even if you can't draw a

straight line. Special optic viewer re–

flects image of subject you select onto

drawing paper-all you do is follow the

outlines. It's as easy as tracing! And

you get 13-inch high wooden manikin

that takes any pose .. lets you practice

figure drawing.

Kit includes: viewer, manikin, 40

sheets drawing paper, 2 drawing pencils,

eraser, easy instructions.

3 N 130-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 12 oz.. $6.99