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No cost has been spared to make

this book one of the most beautiful

of all time. Its purpose- to bring

the Bible back to its ancient and

rightful place as the center of

family living and thought.


Bible is the world's greatest

work of literary art, and Michel–

angelo is the artist who best

visualized its stories, capturing

all their grandeur and majesty. I

often thought of an ideal volume

that would combine the two.

Nearly two years ago, Sears gave

me the opportun ity.

" We went to great lengths to

make this book worthy of its con –

tents . For example, the presenta–

tion box is adorned with a view

of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Over

300 pictures were taken to pro–

duce it. And it is as close to the

original as possible- printed in

full color and surrounded with

a gold-color background .

"All the artwork- 121 pages–

was printed by Albert Skira, of

Geneva , Switzerland- the world 's

finest art printer. Photography

teams logged thousands of miles

all over Europe to achieve these

great reproductions.

" The illustrations are accom–

panied by my explanatory text to

show how vital a part the great

Biblical stories played in the crea–

tion of Michelangelo's master–

pieces .

" I feel privileged to have helped

produce this work, and believe

you can take great satisfaction in

its ownership. Were Michelangelo

alive today, I think he, too, would

take pride and pleasure in it."


Revised Standard Version has 1,312 pages of

text, 96-page concordance, 32 pages of helps

and 12 of maps. The 12-page family record

and presentation section is printed on parch–

ment paper. 23K gold-embossed leather cov–

er. Presentation box. 6Mx9 %'. inches.

3 N 1942--Wt. 6 lbs.


1110 • .


Cash $29.00

King James Version has 1,472 pages of text,

96-page concordance, 96 pages of helps, and

16 of maps and atlas. There are 6 pages o[

presentation and 8 of family records on parch–

ment paper. 23K gold-embossed leather cover.

Presentation box. 6,!1x9


inches. Words of

Christ in red.

3 N 1941 - Wt. 6 lbs.

$4 1110 ••


Cash $29.00

See complete line of Personal and

Family Bibles in our Big Fall Book