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Introducing the


World's first self-threading

Bmm sound projector

This compact unit is no larger than

an ordinary 8mm projector. Just plug

in the microphone and add narration,

music, even sound effects to all

your family movies. Then sit back

and let Y.OUr movies SReak for themselves!




one reel

Take home movies with your regular camera, just as you've always done.

Use Sears sound-track color


(that's returned to you ready for recording)

or have your old films economically sound-tracked (see Big Book). Shows

home movies at standard 16 frames per second, or commercially available

comedies, cartoons and travelogues at 24 fps. Just insert your sound or silent

film in the starting slot and turn the single switch to start the show.

Besides automatic threading, the projector offers

so m11ch more:

fast f:l.6

1-in. lens; forward, reverse, and still operation; tough, light aluminum body and

lid. Fast rewinding. Built-in 4x6-in. speaker. External speaker jack, phono and

mike inputs, record-level indicator. With microphone. Permanently lubricated.

110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC only.

You'll find so much


in your movies when you can


your family

as well as see them .. voices change as much as faces .. sound films let you

recall good times, good friends


3 N 9254K-Shipping weight 22 pounds.

$12.50 monthly . . .

. .

Cash $247.50

3 N 9430-12-in. 33Ys-rpm Sound Effects Record. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


3 N 9439-Phono Cord for clirect recording. 10 ft. Shpg. wt. 8 oz.. . 3.00

3 N 9440-Extension Speaker Cord. 20 feet. Shipping weight 3 oz... 2.95

New Action Editor with 6-square inch screen, splicer




•Reg. DuPont


Prismatic shutter gives smooth,

even viewing on big 3x2Ys-in.

ground-glass screen. Built-in light.

Stylus frame marker for easier

editing. Easy slip-in film loading.

400-foot capacity.

With convenient dry splicer, 12

Mylar* polyester film splicing

tapes. Splicing-tape storage drawer

in splicer. 110-120-volt AC-DC.

3N9388-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. $11.95

650-watt sealed-beam

Movie Light


Actually throws more usable light

than a 2-light bar, yet is just a

fraction of the bulk. On-off switch

on back of black, high-impact–

plastic head. Built-in exposure

guide. Mounting bracket fits

standard camera thread mount.

8-foot cord. Lamp life rated at

8 hours. 110-120-v AC-DC.

3 N 8849-Shpg.


3 lbs. $5.88