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Creative Craft Tools of professional quality

LAPIDARY (Gem Making)

Economy Outfit. Wheel mount has cast alu–

minum-alloy housing, anti-splash rim. Self–

lubricating bronze bearings, movable lubrica–

tion cup. Stone clamp for slabbing. Saw, grind

.. shape and polish stones by changing wheels.

Six 6-in. wheels:

supercharged diamond, sili–

con-carbide, scratching, cast-iron lap, wood

lap, felt polishing. 4 oz. each No. 100, No. 220

grinding, 3 oz. polishing compounds, 3

brushes, dop stick cement and sticks, soluble

oil, semi-precious stones, instructions.

Use U-HP,

17Z5-RPM motor,




to 48-inch V-bell (not incliukd).

99 N 1400C-Sbpg.


18 lbs... ...$36.99

De luxe Outfit. Saw, grind,


stones without

wheel changing. 1-in. precision-ground shaft, extra

accuracy. Permanently-lubricated ball bearings.



table. Coolant well. Valves lubricate

wheels. Vise for up to 3x3-in. piece of rock. Cast alu–

minum, 12x26x12 in. With 6-in. diamond blade, two

6x1-in. silicon-carbide grinding wheels, 6-in. sanding–

polishing disc, four 6-in. sanding discs and felt polish–

ing disc. disc cement.


1-lb. pkgs. levigated alumina, chrome-oxide,

tripoli, rouge compounds, 1-pint soluble oil, drop ce–

ment and 6 sticks. Instructions. Belt and pulleys.



motor (not



99 N 14201L-Shipping weight 57 pounds.. $99.99

Rock Pouches.

Set of two.

Heavy brown canvas

duck . Steel eyelets,

"draw" cord. One pouch,

about 13).ix18 in. has

1 plastic handle; 18}11x

20-in.has2. Wt. 1lb.9oz.

9 N 14246.. Set $4.99

Templates, Rock Scriber

Set. 3 templates 6x9}11 in.,

of rigid, vinyl plastic. 63

shapes. Squares, ovals,

circles, crosses, hearts, etc.

Aluminum scriber.

Shpg. wt. 7 oz.

9 N 14202 .. . . Set $2.99

New 4-media, "Sure-sculpt" Sculpture Set.

Learn basic techniques by shaping in facial

details. Use self-hardening clay, clay-wood,

clay-bronze or clay-stone. 4 lbs. ea. of these



"Sure-sculpt" life-size head

and sculptor's armatures; revolving, lOx!O-in.

stand; 5 boxwood-end tools; 1 steel, 2 wide–

end tools; palette scraper; tube of green pa–

tina color. Comes with



99 N 14342K-Shpg. wt. 24 lbs.. Set $18.99

Newl Rubber Mold Maker Set. Duplicate

medals, plaques, dolls, etc. . . fine-detail

carvings, machine parts for low temp.

metal castings. 2 qts. Pliatex(lqd. rubber);

1 lb. Pliatex: paste-maker; 1 pt. separator;

2}11 oz. ea. brush cleaner-mold lotion; bone

emulsion; 5 lbs. ea. casting stone, cast–

ing plaster; mold-dividing brass; brush,

spatula; touch-up tool. Instructions.

99 N 14347C-Wt. 20 lbs... Set $15.49

New •• Wood Carving, Sculpturing Set.

For light roughing, detailing. 2 ea. large,

small chisels, large gouges; 3 small

gouges; large spoon gouge, knife chisel–

all tempered, ground, polished. Mallet,

bench screw, sharpening stone. Plastic

pouch. Shpg.


3 lbs. 7 oz.

9 N 14449............... Set $21.49


NO Money.Down on






Grind stones and polish them,

too ..

with this compact, Portable Tumbler

Drum is


high-impact styrene plastic. Operates

quietly . . gives long service. Lid removes for in–

spection. Outer-bearing support is adjustable. Holds

2 to 3 lbs. of stones. 14


steel base. Enclosed,

fan-cooled motor.


35 RPM, 110-120-volt,

60-cycle AC. Toggle switch.

UL approved.

9 N 14244-Shipping wt. 10 lbs........ .$26.99

Pkg. of 3 Extra Drums for above. Have grit labels.

9 N 14248-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 2 oz..... Pkg. $9.49

Heavy-duty Tumbler. Mount

motor in or outside of enclosed

base. Plastic-lined, 12-lb. cap.

steel drum; 2 steel shafts in

bronze bearings. 15x12xll in.

Switch, belt, pulley.



HP, 17Z5-RPM motor (not


From factory near New

York City. Pay postage from

Catalog Order Plant.


Basic Outfit for learning principles of

hand-setting of

type ..

flat-bed printing



Everything needed to set up a piece for printing .. then

print 1 to 100 or more copies in black, red or red-and–

black. Ideal gift for youngster who wants to learn print–

ing .. starter for a printing hobbyist.

Outfit includes a capital-letters font (assortment) of

metal type with punctuation marks; type case, 5'4x

10'1;x% in. deep; wood spacers, leads for line spacing;

brass, copper spacers for letter spacing; Brayer (roller)

lx1}11x5}11 in.; tubes of red, black ink; pressure cylinder,

1-in. diam., 5 in. long; palette; tympan material,

wedges, Press bed (chase) 4%x73'2xl in. (inside 4x6

in.), of precision plastic. Instructions.

9 N 1404-Shipping weight 5 lbs. 2 oz..... Set $7.99