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Develops over


HP .. full

1-in. stroke .. multi-speed

CRAFTSMAN Sabre Saw •• was $48.44. Full

power at every speed. Speed controlled electroni–

cally with silicon-controlled rectifier. Dial


for wood to 4 in. thick;


for nonferrous



for steel, plastics. Low-speed cut–

ting of metal increases blade life over 4 times!

Ball, needle, precision sleeve bearings. Plastic

chip deflector. Blade storage tube. Trigger switch.

Cow1terbalanced drive. Aluminum-alloy sectional

housing. Base plate tilts 45° to 90°.

Sawdust blower. Circle-cutting, edge-guide at–

tachment. 8 blades. 10-ft. 3-wire cord, adapter;

110-120-volt, 60-cycle. AC. UL approved.

9 N 2772-Shipping weight 8 lbs. 6 oz... $40.00

Develops over 1 HP

Cuts up



inches deep

CRAFTSMAN Pawer Router •. was $48.99. Rout,

groove, mortise, make dovetail and tenon joints

. . you can even trim and bevel Formica® lami–

nated plastic. Collet-type chuck grips


shank bits. Precision ball bearings. Edge guide,

wrenches (no bits). Marked in 64ths. 10-ft. 3-

wire cord, adapter. 110-120-v., 25-60-c. AC-DC.

Underwriters' Laboratories approved.

9 N 2503-Shipping weight 12 pounds .. $40.00

Steel Carrying Case. For above.

9 N 1475-Shipping weight 11 pounds ... $4.99

%HP.. Dual action with

built-in dust pick-up

CRAFTSMAN Sander •. was $48.99. Built for

heavy continuons service in cabinet, boat or auto

shops. Sand wood or metal; remove paint or

varnish. Flick a switch and big 47ix9-inch pad

shifts from orbital fast-rough sanding to straight–

line fine-finish sanding. 4100 strokes per minute.

Knob handle fits either side or front.

Trigger switch. Polished aluminum-alloy hous–

ing. 100% ball bearing motor for smoother run–

ning. Federal Specifications 005-90A. One each

of fine, medium. coarse aluminum oxide



included. 10-foot 3-wire cord, adapter. 110-120-

volt, 25-60-cycle, AC-DC. UL approved.

9 N 2241-Sbipping weight 9 lbs. 8 oz... $40.00

%-inch capacity .. over


% HP .. variable-speed

CRAFTSMAN Drill •• was $48.99. Speeds changed

electronically with silicon rectifier .. 1000 to 2500

RPM. High speeds for wood, non-ferrons metals;

low speeds for iron, steel, etc. Polished aluminum–

alioy sectional housing. Locking trigger switch.

Removable side handle. Spindle lock. 9 in. long.

10-ft. 3-wire cord, adapter. No bit. 110-120-volt,

60-cycle. AC. UL approved.

9 N 1103-Shipping wt. 5 lbs. 6 oz...... $40.00

Steel Carrying Case for above. 10x16x5 inches.

9N1496-Shippingwt.Slbs.lOoz....... $4.99

Develops over




2-in-1 base design



·inchContractor·typeSawwith Saw


Separate Prices total $51.65.

Base designed

for cutting against vertical surfaces. Easy-view

blade guard. Aluminum-alloy honsing. Perma–

nently lubricated, sealed bail and roller bearings.

Balanced armature. Anti-kickback safety clutch.

Kromedge blade. Retractable blade guard with

lever. Steel base, graduated rip guide. Single guide

line for all angle cuts. Depth of cut 0 to 2



in. at

90°; 0 to 2 in. at 45°. No-load speed 5300 RPM.

10-ft. 3-wire cord, wrench, adapter. 110-120-v.,

25-60-c. AC-DC. UL approved. Set steel saw

guide 0° to 72°, right or left.

99 N 27808CY-Shipping weight 19 lbs. $40.00

%-inch capacity.. develops



HP .. reversible ·

CRAFTSMAN Drill with 4-pc. Masonry Drill Set.

Separate Prices total $51.28.

Extra heavy duty.

Precision geared key chuck. Trigger switch. Re–

movable spade grip handle rotates 90°. No-load

speed 575 RPM. 13 in. long (10 in. without

handle). No bit. 10-ft. 3-wire cord, adapter. 110-

120-v., 25-60-c. AC-DC. UL approved.

9 N 1839Y-Shippingweight101bs..... $40.00

Carbide-tipped Masonry Drills.



6 ,


All 4 in. long,


round shank; pouch.

9 N 6709-Shipping weight 7 ounces. Set $2.29


All Power Tools on these 2 pages guaranteed 1 yr. (Vac 90 days for continuous-duty use). If any tool shows

defects in material or workmanship, we will repair it without charge if returned within guarantee period.