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Look how little it cost.a



fast, easy SPRAY-STEAM ironing

Why go on, ironing the tedious dry-iron way when you

can do the biggest part of it by steam? It's so much

easier and there isn't that much difference in cost.

This steam-spray Kenmore rates high as an excep–

tional value for one important reason-its spray pump

has a non-clog feature that is found only in



irons. Most spray pumps get clogged from time to

time-this prevents that nuisance forever.

Heat control dial


you the correct setting for

the fabric you are ironing. Beveled-edge, polished

aluminum soleplate simplifies ironing pleats, rufHes and

around buttons. 8-oz. water tank permits steam

ironing wash-and-wears for over 30 minutes without a

refill. Has extra-large opening for easy filling.

Light, weighs only


pounds. Chrome-plated with

black plastic handle, trim. 6-foot cord



mounted for right or left-hand ironing. 1000 watts.

34 N 6204-Shipping weight 4 pounds....... $13.66




easiest-of-all ironing

choose Sears for superior

performance and convenience

Kenmore Steam-Dry Irons steam up


30 minutes

Steam Travel Iron has foreign adapter plugs

Steam or dry irons travel wrinkles away in a hurry. Makes an

unusually practical gift for students or servicemen. Works around

the world, has two foreign adapter plugs for 120 or 220-volt AC.

Takes up very little space in suitcase. Handle locks securely for

ironing, folds flat for packing. Translucent water bulb is remov–

able, holds enough for 15 minutes of steam ironing. Heat control

gives heat setting for different fabrics. Weighs a mere 1


Polished aluminum soleplate. Cord. 700 watts.

Economy. Will steam iron your low-heat

wash-and-wears a


half hour without

refilling. Indexed heat control under

handle shows proper heat for various

fabrics. Convenient steam-to-dry switch

on top. Cord can be adjusted for left or

right hand ironing. Satin-finished, bev–

eled-edge aluminum soleplate. 1000


34 N 6215-Wt. 3 lbs. 14 oz.... $7.99




Our Best. Both steam-to-dry switch and

heat control are located on top for added

convenience. Soleplate is polished aluminum

for easier ironing, longer life. Cord is

center-mounted for left or right hand

use. Extra large filler opening-just tilt

iron and fill. Steams for 30 minutes at low

setting. Chrome-plated body with white

plastic handle. 1000 watts.

34 N 6238-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs....... $10.95

34 N 6258-Shipping weight 2 pounds 7 ounces ........ $9.77


appliances on these two pages are


listed for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle