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for 110-120.v.• 60c. AC.

Give a gift

your whole family will enjoy

the Electric

Vertical Broiler

Works like a toaster. Broils both sides at

once .. much faster than "one-side-at-a–

time" appliances . . adjusts to meat thickness

Super fast and simple, the Vertical Broiler handles steaks and roasts

up to 1


inches thick . . also chops, hamburgers, hot dogs, even thin

foods like bacon. Two-position broiling rack adjusts to thickness of

meat. Two heating elements broil both sides -at once for the same

length of time, just like a bread toaster. Clean and smokeless, grease

drips down into drip pan at bottom of broiler, away from heating

elements. Chrome-plated and enameled steel housing with plastic

handles and trim. Broiling rack is 8




h in. Case is 10x12 in. over–

all. Comes apart in seconds for cleaning. Cord.

34 N69166 -Poppy 34 N 69167-Tawny gold 34 N 69168-Avocado

Shipping weight 8 pounds 8 ounces. . ................. . ...... $19.99

From a snack to a gourmet meal ..

almost anything you cook can be

sealed and frozen with

Meals in Minutes

Now in colors .. and with


60 boilable pouches

Prepare home-cooked food at your convenience, seal and freeze it in a

pouch, then just boil and serve at mealtime. Dozens of other uses, too

. re-cook leftovers without the leftover taste; melt cheeses, choco–

late, cook sauces, puddings, preserve baby formulas, special diets,

sportsmen can use to seal bait or ma.tches airtight. Foods cook in their

own juices with original flavor, nutrients.intact.

Mounts on wall (screws incl.) or sits on counter. Plastic case mea- ·

sures 11V..x5'hx2% in., has wood-grain finish trim. Cord. Like every–

thing else in Sears books, it's so easy to order by phone.

34 N 65597-Tawny gold

34 N 65598-Avocado

Shipping weight 4 pounds 4 ounces.. . . . ......... .

. . $14.95