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Playback Table

Low as


Tennis Tables

Strong steel undercarriage keeps the table steady. Super–

smooth Plyblendfi top of resin-filled particle board .. no voids,

burls or knotholes to interfere with play. Triple-coated non–

glare green finish, pre-striped. Official 5x9-ft. playing surface.

Tubular steel legs I '/•-inches in diameter. 30-inches high. Piv–

otal steel frame for easier fold-up. Paddles and net not includ–


Greater the top thickness. the livelier the ball action.

6 N 25965 N2-


12-inch top. Shipping wt. 123 lbs. ... . .. $45.95

6 N 25966N2-%-inch top. Shipping wt. 152 lbs.


6 N 259 67 N2-l-inch top. Shipping wt. 177 lbs.

. .. 66.95

NOTE: Ta bles sent freig ht (rail or truck) o r express.

2-unit Table Tennis Table, smoot h




When bolted together, you have a regulation size 5x9-foot table tennis table .

unbolted, you have two 5x4


12-foot tables for utility use. Strong double-braced

metal legs fold for compact storage, quick set-ups and take-downs. Super-smooth

Plyblend® top of compressed wood and resin . . 'fl-inch thick. Non-glare table-ten–

nis green finish, pre-striped. Table stands 30 inches high. Order table tennis nets,

paddles and balls on facing page. Buy it the easy way-order by phone.

6 N 25902N-Shipping weight 115 pounds

... . ................... S38.97


Sears 417