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Set folds up and stores easily .. soft blue seats padded

for comfort, and color-coordinated with table-top design

Wipe-clean vinyl top has colorful motif of blue, gold, and silver-color sunbursts on

white. Color-coordinated seat covers made of solid blue vinyl. Strong tubular alumi–

num frames and legs are polished to a brilliant shine. Slmple folding meehanism so

children can fold it for storage. Table stands 20 inches high. Seats 12xl2x13 inches

from floor. Cushioned with polyurethane foam fill. Completely assembled. Table–

ware not included. 3 and 5-pieee sets shipped freight (rail or truck) or express.

5-piece Set. 36x24x20-inch high table

3-piece Set. 30x24x20-inch high table

and 4 chairs.

and 2 chairs (see small view).

79 N90017N-Wt. 26 lbs....Set $19.99

79 N90095N-Wt. 18 lbs... .Set $12.99

79 N 90096C-Extra Chairs. Carton of2. Shipping weight 7 pounds .... Carton 6.99

446 Sears






3-piece Dinette Sets with oblong or

round table tops

Ask your best friend over for tea. Avocado molded plastic

seats are color-coordinated with both table tops. Chrome–

plated tubular steel legs and cathedral-shaped chair backs

provide firm support for both dinette sets. Legs tipped

with plastic caps to protect floor from scratches.

Set w ith Oblong Table. Avocado marble-tone table top of

laminated vinyl resists scars and scuffs .. wipes clean with

a damp cloth. Table top 20x30x20 in. high. 2 chairs: seats

10x13x12'h in. from floor. Partly assembled.

79 N 90014C-Shipping weight 22 pounds .. . .Set S15.88

Set with Round Table. Big 26-inch diameter table top with

attractive blue and green floral pattern on high pressure

laminated vinyl resists scars and scuffs .. wipes clean with

a damp cloth. Stands 20 inches high . 2 chairs: seats



fi inches from floor. Partly assembled.

79N90015L-Shipping weight 20 pounds . .. . .. Set $1 5.88

79N90094C-Extra Chair for sets above. Wt. 6 Jbs. Ea. 4.99

Colonial Styling

in maple-finished hardwood .

just like adult f urniture

Plastic top resists stains and heat




Beautiful maple look, yet the laminated melamine plastic

protects the table top-lets you wipe spills and spots clean

with a damp cloth. Rugged 28-inch diameter table is great

for parties, games or homework. Metal corner braces give

added support and durability. Table 21 inches high. llx13

inch seats stand 11 inches from floor. Shipped partly as–

sembled. 3-piece set shipped freight (rail or truck) or ex–

press. Use your


if you want to order it the easiest

way ofall.

79 N 90097N-3-piece Set. Shpg. wt. 34 lbs. . . .Set $29.95

79 N90098L- Extra Captain"s


. 8 lbs....