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Cut s1


All-in-one Kitchen




Water runs from faucet. recirculates


range burners "glow"

. .

oven has see-thru door

. .

2-campartment refrigerator,

and cabinets provide





Watch the action in this realistic sink- water drains into the

basin below, ready to recirculate when you tum on the faucet. 2-

compartment oven has window that allows little cooks to watch

the progress of their meals. Made of heavyweight corrugated

paperboard with wipe-clean plastic countertop. Plastic pull han–

dles and knobs. Turquoise and white. Kitchen stands 27x12x46

inches high. Accessories not included. Unassembled.

79 N 1111 L- Shipping weight 10 pounds . . .... .........





Take your dolls grocery shopping-this colorful, 72-pc.

supermarket set is as modem and convenient as can be.

Stocked with meat, bread, milk, fruit and vegetables.


2 shopping carts, scale and cash register with play

money. Open, measures 29


h x18x161A in.; closes for car–

rying. Dolls not incl.

79 N 94025C- Shipping weight 4 pounds ......Set $7.99

Kooky Cooks

Smiling, winking polyethylene set includes sunny yellow 8-inch diameter fry–

ing pan; bright green 8-inch high coffee pot and lid; 2 blazing orange 5'h-inch

diam. saucepans and lid; white spoon, spatula. 2 cardboard eggs, 3 pancakes.

49 N 10092- Shipping weight 3 pounds......... . .............. Set $3.99

Deluxe Sink Set

makes dishwashing easy

Tie-on the cheery paper apron, get to work

and you 'II have a spotless kitchen in no

time. Set includes plastic dishpan, drainer,

soap dish, funnel, measuring cup and

more. Scaled to fit play kitchens.

49 N 10167-Shpg. wt. l lb..... Set $1 .89

Famous brand

Canned Goods

24 empty metal cans, each 3

in. high, are colorfully litho–

graphed to look like real brands

Mom buys.

Shpg. wt. l lb. 12 oz.

49 N 1033 .... ..... Set $1 .99

All-aluminum Cook and Bake Sets by Mirro®



Set shown

21 ·piece






Sturdy, shiny kitchen utensils are sized to fit play kitchens. Sets incl. cake

pan ; loaf pan; cookie sheet. cutters: measuring cup; frying pan and more.

49 N 10237- 35-pc. Set. Whistling tea kettle incl. Wt. 1lb.10 oz.. .Set $3.99

49 N 10236- 21-pc. Set. Shipping weight l lb. 1 oz.. . ........ . .. .Set 2.99

49 N 10235- 19-pc. Set. Shipping weight 12 ounces .. ..... . ... .. Set 1.99