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from Kenner

1 thru 11.

The Care Bears"' are at it again.

Word got back to Care-a-lot about the

terrific time the Care Bears"' were having in

Your Home, USA. ow Grams, the babies and

a host of other relatives want to come for a visit.

Even our cousins in the Forest of Feelings"" want

to get in on the act. We're the perfect guests.

Our plush acrylic covering is so cuddly.

Most people find our heart-shaped padded paws

and noses absolutely adorable. The liNle tufts of

hair on our heads give us added character.

Each of us have a unique tummy symbol

describing a different personality trait.

We're not afraid ofgetting dirty since we're

machine washable. For ages 4 years and up.

1 thru 3.

13-in. Care Bear Cousins"'.

$ 15.99 after $2 Kenner rebate, see pg. 459.


49 C 40633- Brave Heart Lion"'


49 C 40634-Lotsa Heart Elephant"'


49 C 40635- Swift Heart Rabbit"'

Shipping weight 10 ounces .. .Full price $17.99


Tell Talking Secret Bear"' your most private

thoughts, you can trust him. He won't

tell anyone, unless you want him to. Just pull his

string and he can say six different phrases.

73 inches tall.

49 C 40640- Shpg.




. .


Sand 6.

Baby Hugs Bear"' and Baby Tugs Bear"'

are the two cuddliest cubs in the family.

Baby Hugs Bear"" loves to hug everything

she can, while Baby Tugs Bear"' can

hardly wait to get into mischief, he tries to

do the big jobs meant for older and

wiser Care Bears. 71 in. tall.


49 C 40998- Baby Hugs Bear"'


49 C 40999- Baby Tugs Bear"'

Shipping weight 10ounces... $14.99


Champ Bear is 13 in. tall. $12.99 after $2

Kenner rebate, see page 459.

49C41089- Shpg. wt. 11 oz. .. Fullprice$14.99


Grams Bear"" keeps a careful eye on all the

Care Bears. Her crocheted-look shawl keeps her

warm on those cool Care-a-lot nights.


inches tall.

49 C 41092- Shipping weight 14 oz.



9 thru 11.

These 13-in. Care Bears"" encourage

kids to share those special feelings.

$12.99 after $2 Kenner rebate, see page 459.


49 C 40789- Share Bear"'


49 C 41078- Love-a-lot Bear"'


49 C 40975- Cheer Bear™

Shipping weight 11 ounces . . .Full price $14.99


Cuddly carrier lets kids carry their 13-in.

Care Bears around in style. Can



3 ways, in front, in back like a knapsack or

like a tote bag. The straps adjust so it can fit

children as tliey grow. For ages 3 and up.

49C40703- Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 1oz. . .$12.99

Care Bears"'Amencan Greetmgs Corp. 1983