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Easy-to-make Dolls and Animals .. clever Gifts for Tots

These McCall Patterns include complete cutting, S!"wing, 'llnd stuffing instructions

He can always cuddle one more ... so plan to make some of these charming

rag dolls and animals to place. under your Christmas tree for baby. Watch him

squeal with delight. There's Sam and Sue, Davie Dog, Billy Bear, Julie Giraffe,

Ella Elephant and her daughter Elaine and a host of others-all equally

lovable. There are large animals up to 14


inches high, small ones about

six inches. The dolls are about 18


inches tall.

Make these clever Chistmas gift items yourself with the easy-to-use McCall

patterns at right. Patterns include complete cutting, sewing and stuffing in–

structions and suggestions for materials to use. Rag bundle, below contains some

pieces large enough for the larger animals or dolls, and smaller pieces from

which small animals can be made. tfse cotton batt for stuffing. Be sure to

send in your order so that you can make these adorable toys .for baby's Christ–

mas. They're fun to make ... baby will love them.

Two-pound bleached Cotton Batt


Dolls. Sue is 18 inches high- Sam, 19 inches. Each takes 4 ounces

cotton stuffing. Transfer for face and instructions for making the hair are

included. Doll body fabric serves as shirt or blouse.

36 N 6168-Postpaid. McCall Pattern only. . .... . .. . . .. .Set of





Mother-Boby Animols. Pattern includes "Mairzie Mare and Charlie Colt",

"Jenny Giraffe" and son "Jerry'', "Ella Elephant" and daughter "Elaine".

Toys are 6 to 14Y, in. high. One cotton batt will stuff all six toys.

36 N 6157-Postpaid. McCall Pattern only .. . : . . ..... . .. Set of





Tiny Animals for tiny tots. 7 inches high-just right for baby's hands to

,hold. Pattern includes Lucy Lamb, Davie Dog, Billy Bear, Honey Bunny,

Julie Giraffe, Harry Horse. Stuff with cotton batt.

36 N 6167- Postpaid. McCall Pattern only . . ........ . ... Set of




Big 5-pound Rag Bundle

Use it for stuffing the rag dolls and animals described


above or pile it in drifts under your tree for a "White

Christmas" ... it'_s · ideal too, for making warm quilted


Cotton rag bundle with a few rayon pieces inclu_ded. All


pieces are various sizes, a few of which are large enough

for making stuffed toys described at top of page. Folder

is included containing


for making (a) patch

robes, bed jackets and baby quilts. Batt is springy, cur)y

2 -lb. Bait

American cotton that's new and has been triple cleaned. Order your

batt when you order your doll and animal pa-tterns. Size: 36x90 inches.

96 N 02618 - Shi_rping weight, 3 pounds .. . ....... . .. 2-lb. Batt 66c

Comforter Batt. For those who wish to make a comforter. Same quality

as above. Stitched lengthwise to prevent matting. Size 80x90 in. •

96 N 02621-Shipping weight, 4 pounds ........... 3-lb. Batt



work aprons, (b) pot holders, (c) braided rugs and other suggested

items. Bundle contains enough rags to make a braided rug about



ft. Some pieces are handy for patching. Many are selvage to

selvage ... none less than four inches wide. Some are imperfect

but all are usable lengths. Bundle contains about 14 to 16 yds.

36 N 2356-Shipping weight, 5 lbs. 8 oz. . .......... Each



at Sears available

an Easy


For details

see page


. &2