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Add glamour to her kitchen


give fine Printed Towels

• Gay, colorful kitchen towels are a welcome Christmas gift for any woman

• Use them for table scarfs too. Bleached .. washfast . . sunfast .. easy to launder

• Cleverly printed on good quality fabric with floral, fruit and novelty patterns

• 100% sturdy cotton yarns .. absorbent .. closely woven for extra long service


Rambling Ivy. Good length

at this price ... and just the

towels to make her kitchen sing

with brightness!


green on white background.

These colorful large towels will

dry her dishes in a jiffy, and give

long, dependable service. Wash–

fast ... sunfast. Allow for 5%

shrinkage. Strong selvaged sides,

hemmed ends.


17x32 in.

96 N 3829-Shipping weight,

8 ounces . . . .. . ...... 3 for 8 6c


Red Strawberry. She'll be

proud to have these lovely

towels in her kitchen. Cheery

colors help make housework

more pleasant. Strong sel–

vaged sides, hemmed ends.

Their brightness will last ...

washfast and sunfast too. Fast

absorbin.g, strong, and finely

woven. Allow for 5% shrink–



17x29 inches.

96 N 3830-Shipping weight,

9 ounces ... . ....... 3 for 86c

@]Multicolor Floral.


cast away her drab towels

when you give her these. Soft,

absorbent, good quality tow–

els . .. will wear well ... are

evenly woven. Strong sel–

vaged sides and hemmed ends.

Washfast ... sunfast. Allow

for 5% shrinkage. Say "Merry

Christmas" with this welcome



17x29 inches.

96 N 3831 -Shipping weight,

9 ounces ... . .. .•.. 3 for 86c


Dutch Novelty.


looking, different feeling!

Colorful Dutch scene is printed

on an unusual pebbly surfaced

cloth. Made with 2-ply twisted

yarns which means that these

towels are much stronger than

ordinary. Fast absorbing. Colon

will last .. washfast and sunfast.

Selvaged sides, hemmed ends.


l 8x32 inches.

96 N 3824-Shipping weight,

9 ounces ............ 2 for 8 5c