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Luxurious All Wool Blankets to treasure like heirlooms

• 1003 new, choice quality, long fibered wools-gloriously soft, warm

• Luxury length: 72x90 inches. Weight,


pounds. Five handsome colors

Lovely to live with, to treasure like heirlooms through the years. Perfect

for your very finest gifts! You can sleep snug under the fleecy warmth,

rich beauty and gentle draping quality of these big, lovely Slumbersound


our new, extra long luxury size.

"Luxury length" gives you more

tuck-in room, helps keep you cozier. These Slumbersounds are specially

resilient to the touch, too-so thick, so soft, such springy texture. Made of

selected wool fibers, skillfully ble11ded and woven, then deeply napped so






that millions of tiny, imprisoned air cells keep the

warm air in and the cold air out. They're strong and

long wearing ... will give years of gracious service.

Matching rayon satin bindings have noh-fray edges.

Each blanket individually boxed. The clear, rich

shades were made possible by the use of the very finest dyes. Choose from

our rainbow range of exquisite colors to blend with any bedroom furnish–



peach, med. blue, dusty rose, green or cedar.

56 N

08130-Please state ,o/or wanted.

Shipping wt., 6 lbs .. Each $9.89