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Created for a man's world ... 17-jewel

14K and 18K gold cases

Gift of gifts for.him! A watch of truly great tradition ... timed by the same precision movement that has

made the fame ofCortebert world wide ... in cases brilliantly designed for men of today. Each in a beau.

tiful walnut.grained wood presentation case. Available on Sears convenient Easy Terms-see page 174C.


Solid 14K yellow gold case, beautifully

made with highly polished surfaces. The

crystal is heavy and domed, a smart modern

note. Rose color dial with black Roman

numerals and ruby color markers, black

hands. Small second dial. Genuine leather

strap. 17-jewel mo,·ement.

4 N0408- Shipping weight, 9 oz . .. $55.00


Extra thin model in solid 1SK yellow gold with

the richness th<1t custom design and the finest

hand.craftsmanship impart. The large rectangu·

lar case is extra heavy, very masculine. Modern

silvered dial with applied gold numerals and gold

hands. Small second dial. Thick, flat crystal.

Genuine leather strap. 17-jewel movement.

4 N0409E-Shipping weight, 9 ounces... $100.00


Ultra smart custom-styled case in solid 18K rose gold •

with domed crystal, a new note in a man's watch.

The long rectangular case is the work of master crafts–

men; its surfaces sparkle like a polished jewel. The dial

is in harmonizing rose color with modern black Arabic

numerals and markers. Small second dial. Heavy

genuine leather strap. 17-jewel Cortebert movement.

4 N041 OE-Shipping weight, 9 ounces .......$125.00

Enduring loveliness for her

17-jewel Corteherts iIJ. 14K and 18K gold cases

QJ.Snake chain

bracelet adds

distinction to the

s1nart square case

-both case and

bracelet in 14K

yellow gold. Rose

color dial, black

Roman numerals.

Domed crystal.

Safety clasp. 17-

jewel movement.

4 N0262E..$89.50

Masterpieces of modern watch design ... so small, so smart, so


in their elegance ... with

all the accuracy and dependability that have made Cortebert watches world renowned. Each in a

beautiful walnut·grained wood presentation case.




weight, each, 9 ounces.





bracelet har–

monizes with the

handsome 1SK rose

gold case. ffarmo–

ni zin.'l' golq color

dial, numerals, and

hands . Smart

square shape with

high domed crys–

. tal. 17-jewel move–


4 N0260E . .$95.00



black cord

bracelet, heavyand

extra wide lends an

ultra smart note.

The case is solid


yell<>w gold.

Rose color dial has

black numerals

and hands. Thick,

flat crystal. 17-jew-

.el movement.


4 N 0261E.$110.00


Two dla111onds

are set in white

gold triangles in

the extended ends



small dainty

watch. Case is


id 14K yellow gold.

Rose dial has black

numerah and

hands. Cord band,

safety clasp. 17-

jewel movement.

4 N0263 ..




Two larger di-

amonds sparkle

from white gold

settings. Case is a

square beauty in

solid 14K yellow

gold. Silvered dial,

black numerals.

gold hands. Domed

crystal. Cord

band, safety clasp.

17 jewels.

4 N0264 . . $71,50

[!]Four ru!iies and @Superb watch

two diamonds en-

with eight rubies

rich this exquisite

and four larger dia-

14K rose gold watch.

monds set in the end

Dial is silvered with


Case and

black Roman nu-

double snake chain

merals, gold color

bracelet are 14K rose

markers, black gold. White dial has

hands. Domed crys-

black numerals and

ta!. Cord band, ·gold hands. Domed

safety clasp.


crystal. Safety clasp,

jewel movemem.

17-jewel movement.

4 N0265E.. , .$99.50

4 N 0266E.. $225.00



actual size. Prices

include 103



on 1Vatches. F, M,


N; 203 on

al( others