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To keep Baby amused and happy


Baby Crib Exerciser. There couldn't


a more fascinating $r39

toy for active babies. Designed to amuse them and permit

them to release their boundless energy ... to exercise and develop


their muscles.· Adjustable 14-inch wood bar on sturdy cotton cord is easy to

attach to crib, pen or carriage. Baby will be kept busy for hours and hours,

trying to pull himself up on the handles ... playing with the cunning bead

doll suspended from bar. Carefully made of smoothly finished wood, '

painted in attractive harmless pastel colors that appeal to baby.


49 N 4450-Shipping weight, 2 pounds. ... .. ..... .... ........... $1.39


3-pc. Toy.Set. Fascin- $139



Plastic KliR.-

Klak; celluloid rattle;



of wooden beads and plas–

tic discs. Harmless colors.

49 N4445-Shpg. wt.,


oz .. $1 .39


Plastic Klik-Klak Rattle. Will de-

light baby. Ring with discs,

rattle, ball. Washable; assorted

harmless colors. About



in. long.

49 N 4433-Shpg. wt.,





3·section Hot Water $177

Plate. Ideal for keep·

ing baby's food warm. Has


compartment for hot water, plastic·

cap cork stopper. Made of high–

fired, vitreous china, glazed inside

and out. Diameter


in., three sec·

tions. Base has attractive relief dec–

oration of animals and children.

Pink or blue edge.

Please state color.

49 N 4501-Shpg. wt., 3 lbs.. $1.77

Please Tots with sturdy, Stuffed Toys


Winsome Bear. A lovable, huggable little fellow for lucky $196

tots. They'll carry him around with them all day and play

with him ... they'll want to take him to bed with them at night.


He's staunchly made to withstand lots of loving and hugging .. . even

tossing around won't hurt him. Firmly stuffed with cotton. Body is covered

with durable, gay print cotton fabric in assorted pleasing colors. Head,

hands and feet are covered with cotton back fluffy rayon plush. Pressed

mask face with painted features has a bashful expression. Wears ribbon bow.

49 N4361-Size, about 15 inches. Shipping weight, 1 lb. 6 oz .. •... $1.96


Washable Lamb. He $199

looks so sweet and help-

less, youngsters can't help


loving him. Has painted features,

floppy ears, perky tail; cotton

stuffed. Covered with water-repel–

lent coated cotton fabric-cleans

easily with a damp cloth. Assorted

pastel colors with contrasting trim.

About 11 inches t::.11.

49 N4022-Shpg. wt., 1 lb...$1.99


Chubby Sleeping Doll. $198

Little girls will want to

sing a lullaby to this drow-


sy little charmer. Her relaxed, cot–

ton stuffed body is covered with

soft rayon and cotton fleece. Yarn

curls peek out from under her

matching hood. Painted mask face.

Assorted styles, colors. Pillow not

included. Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 4 oz.

49 N 3571-17-inch size ..... $1.98

Inexpensive, well-made toys ... sure to delight the young ones

4-piece Rattle Box Set.

Tots love nested boxes–

and these rattle ! They

can set one on top of the

other and build a 19-in.

high tower. Made of

heavy cardboard, gaily

decorated. Size of big

box, 7x4Y,x4Y, in.

Boxes nest compactly.

Shpg. wt., 1 lb.

49 N 4451. ......... 89c


Rattle Ball. Durable,

transparent plastic.

Watch beads twirl in–

side. Assorted colors.

4Y,-inch diameter.

49 N 4455•......... 89c·


Rattle Ball. Made of

smooth plastic in as–

sorted 1->rilliant colors.

4-inch diameter.

49 N 4407..... .....


Shpg. wts.,


oz. each.

Plastic Piggie Bank.

Makes musical sound

when you drop coin . ..

it's fun to ·save in this

amusing bank. Molded

of smooth, tough plastic.

Pastel color; gaily dec–

orated. Lock device on

bottom for emptying.


in. long,


in. high.

Shpg. wt., 10 0z.

49 N6427 ........ $1.19

Jointed wooden Donkey. Here is

a donkey that is not stubborn at

all. He's willing to take on


kinds of funny poses ... will keep

the little ones amused for hours on

end. His agility is amazing. Legs,

neck and long ears are movable.

Cleverly constructed of sturdy,

smooth wood with assorted


ishes. Twine tail. · Size, 12 in.

long. Shipping wt., 2 lbs.

49 N 5499 ........... . ... $1.98

Rolly Ducky Pull Toy. An intrigu–

ing, new action toy that will keep

toddlers happy and busy. As toy

is pulled, duck\ move as if floating

on waves. Ingeniously designed.

Three ducks mounted on roller

frame with sides that look like

waves. Made of wood-center fi–

berboard, finished in bright col–

ors. Size, 9x2Y.x3Y-\'. inches high.

Shipping weight, 1 pound.

49 N 5401. . . .

. ........59c

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