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Pre-School Toys for boys and girls .

they learn a s they play


MAK-A-TOY Set. A variety of entertaining pull

toys can be made with Mak-A-Toy ... encour–

ages tots to constructive effort. They will enjoy

building and playing with their own models.

Wheels screw on threaded axles. Sturdy hard–

:,yood pieces, smoothly finished in harmless colors.

Size of platform, 9Y.x3Y. in. Pull cord.


N 3 623 - Shipping wt., 2 lbs. 8 oz .. . .



Wagon with 28 Blocks. Youngsters will get dou-

ble enjoyment from this fine toy. 1}8-in. smooth–

ly sanded wood cubes with colorful letters are grand

for building and learning the ABC's. 13x7Y,x3


in. high wood wagon, with glossy enamel finish and

2 amusing decals, can be used for carting other toys;

has 3-in. wood wheels. Harmless colors. Pull cord.


N 3608-Shipping weight, 4 pou'nds ..


© MAK-A-BOAT Set. Boats have a sr,ecial appeal

for all youngsters. What fun they will have build–

ing boats and playing with their own creations.

They can make an endless number of different mod–

els .. . develops creative ability, skill. 18 models illus–

trated on inside cover of box. 11-in. base and other

pieces of fii;i.e hardwood; attractive, harmless colors.


N 3872-Shipping weight, 3 lbs . . ....



LEITER and DESIGN BLOX. Pre-school tots will

get never-ending fun from this fascinating set.

Teaches them the correct formation of each letter of

the alphabet. 200 simple words can be spelled out

and 20 attractive designs can be. made. Set of 19

basic forms of smooth hardwood in harmless colors.

Finished letters, 6 inches tall. Primer included.


N 3612-SQ.ipping weight, 3 lbs. 4 oz ..



Clever Wood Clock. Colorful hands can be

moved to any position on the dial; numerals are

painted on removable pegs. Teach tots proper place

for numerals . . . see if they can put them back.

Amusing elephant shape adds to the appeal of this

fine educational toy. Sturdily m ade, finished in

harrnless colors. Overall measurements, 9)-<!xSY. in.


N 3811-Shipping weight, 1 lb. 2 oz ...



TWIST -N- TURN. Unusual stacking toy de-

velops hand and eye coordination. Toddlers will

find it fascinating to twist and turn the wood blocks

until they slip over the pegs on the post. Requires

concentration and challenges their ingenuity. Solid

hardwood post, 8


in. high, 5 blocks of varied

shapes, harmless colors.


N 3860-Shipping weight, 2 lbs . .... .



Four-men Peg Wagon. T his attractive pull toy

is sure to delight the little ones. Four cunning

graduated wood peg men-each finished in a dif–

ferent, harmless color-are removable. 4 plastic

rings in the same colors


over "men." Sturdy, nat–

ural finish hardwood base, about 12 in. long, 4

smooth plastic wheels. Pull cord.


N 3830-Shipping weight, 1lb. 12 oz ..



Colorful Rattle Blocks. New ! Fascinating! Ex-

tra big 2U -inch hollow wood blocks with peb–

bles, each making a different rattling sound that de–

lights the young ones-and they'll be busy and

amused for hours erecting all kinds of imaginary

things. Set consists of twelve sturdy blocks, smooth–

ly finished in four different, harmless colors.


N 3611-Shipping weight, 3 lbs. 10 oz.



BLOX-CARS. T ots will spend many happy hours

playing with this toy, learning how to take it

apart and put it together again. Overall length,

15Y, in. Pieces can also be used to build a number

of other cars. Wheels screw onto threaded axles.

Sturdy hardwood pieces finished in harmless colors.

Pull cord attached.


N 3861 -Shipping weight, 1 lb. 8 oz.



toys contribute to physical and


growth. Buy them


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