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Fine Pre-school Toys

stimulate young minds

••• provide hours of fun

Fascinating Joint-a-Toy

Teaches toddlers how to use their little hands

and minds. Stimulates their imagination, helps

develop their skill. They'll enjoy putting the

different pieces together and watching the

cunning figures take form before their very

eyes. 15 wood pieces in bright, harmless colors.

Illustrated chart.


N 3807-Shipping weight, 1 lb. 8 oz , $1.19

Instructive three-in-one Toy

Something every boy and girl would like to

have. 3 complete toys in one to provide many

hours of absorbing and instructive play.



ucational clock

with movable hands teaches chil–

dren how to tell the time. 2.

Calculator with

Magic Dial

teaches them simple addition. 3.

Counting frame

has 5 rows of colorful beads on

metal rods. Sturdy wood construction; smoothly

finished in brilliant colors. Overall size 19Y:lx

SY:! inches.

49N3864-Shipping weight, 1 lb. 12 oz. $1.59

Sturdy wood roller Push Toy

Has 3 features that toddlers enjoy: brilliant col–

ors, action, sound. Il.'geniously designed. When

pushed along, colored wood rings slide down

the slanted bars giving beautiful rainbow effect

and making pleasing click-clack sound. Strong

2-section jointed wood handle, about 20 in–

ches Jong. Can be separated to save storage


49 N 5403-Shipping weight, 1 lb. 12 oz. $1.19



























Little tots love these colorful Pull Toys


Twirly Blocks. It's fascinating to watch the

blocks go round as toy is pulled. Set of 8

blocks with alphabet and numerals 1 to 9 teaches

tiny tots to build and spell out words. When

blocks are removed it's a cute little wagon. Made

of durable, smooth hardwood, lettered in attrac–

tive colors. Overall size, 7x9Y. in. Jong. Pull cord.


N 3603-Shipping weight, 3 lbs.... ... $2.19


All-wood Oil Truck. This realistic miniature

truck is sure to be a hit with active tots.

They'll have so much fun pulling or pushing it

around and playing fuel delivery. Sturdily built

to stand up under lots of rough play. Has six

easy-running wood wheels. Beautifully finished in

bright colors. Overall size, 11x3x2Y. in. high.


N 5408-Shipping weight, 1 lb. 4 oz .. . .. 79C


Clever Ferris Wheel. Any youngster



overjoyed to find this fascinating action toy

under the Christmas tree. When pulled along the

star-like wheel, painted in gay carnival colors,

revolves and the cubes slide up and down, making

a soft click-clack noise. Made of durable, smooth–

lv finished wood. Overall size, 13x7x14 inches


79 N 05434-Shipping weight, 3 lbs..... . $J.89

Tiny boys like to have trains, too. These two models

are just right for the little ones. They are simple

and easy to operate ... can be pushed or pulled

any place. No tracks required, no mechanism to

hurt little fingers. Have smooth-rolling, shaped

wooden wheels . . . easy on rugs and floors.


De-luxe 6-unit Wood Train. Big engine, open

tender, box car, coal car, oil car, and caboose.

Made of sturdy wood, attractively painted in gay

colors. Cars connect with strong fiber couplers.

Length, 4 feet, 7 inches; 2Y. in. high; 3 in. wide.


N 5490-Shipping weight, 3 pounds .. $2.98


3-unit Wood Train. Engine with tender, gondo-

la, and caboose; connected with strong fiber

couplers. Durable wood cars are painted in bright

colors. Length, 28 in.; 2Y. in. high; 2Ji in. wide.


N 5417-Shipping weight, 1 lb. 10 oz.. $1.39



the Cow.


young ones will be thrilled

with this new amusing act10n toy. As they pull it

along Elsie, the famous cow, bobs and turns, her

tail brushing the moon and the turning stars. Pert

bow trims her silk-like cord tail. Carefully made

of wood and "wood center" fiberboard; gaily

colored. Size, about 7Y,x5 Y,x10 in. high.


N 5428-Shipping weight, 1 pound ... . $1.89

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