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Big Farm with Rubber Animals

realistic farm buildings, white fencing,

rubber tractor and manure spreader

Put the above farm scene under your tree this Christmas. I t's really

complete with realistic pieces to give young would-be farmers hours

of entertainment. Children enjoy setting the farm up in workaday

fashion-are enchanted by the brightly colored buildings-thrilled by

the carefully molded animals and farm machinery.

Rubber Animals again!

14 realistic farm animals molded from rubber

-appropriately colored-as shown separately at right. Included are

horse and colt, cow and calf, hog and two little pigs, Collie dog, turkey,

rooster, and four hens. Horse is 3}':\x3


in. high. All others in

proportion. Smoothly finished-wipe clean with damp cloth.

Rubber Form Machinery.

4?{-in. long tractor, with farmer driving.

Manure-spreader can be unhitched and left in barn.

Sturdy Fiberboard Buildings.

Extra-big 2-wing barn is precision

die-cut from heavy fiberboard. Has gables, eaves, even R-V-Lite

transparent material to attach over windows. Cut-away in roof allows

built-in stalls to be used-animals can be taken in and out of barn.

See sketch beside barn above. Barn measures 19x12Y,xl 1}':\ in. Other

buildings are in proportion. Included are silo, water-well, farm-house,

windmill, dog-house, chicken-coop. Fence posts and fencing add

realism. All pieces, except animals and machines, come flat. It's

lots of fun, and so easy to set up. Complete instructions. Colorful 32x

44-in. paper ground sheet with suggested location of buildings, and

paths and roadways included. Why not add this set to your Easy

Terms order? See page 231 for full information.

79 N 064'53-Shipping weight 7 lbs. Farm Set complete with animals. $2.98

14-piece Animal Set


Only 89c

Any boy or girl will be thrilled with these true-to-life miniatures. Molded of

lon.g-lasting, smoothly finished rubber-in assorted colors. A grand addition

to their toy farms. Set includes horse and colt, cow and calf, hog and two little

pigs, rooster and four hens, turkey and dog. Size of horse


in. high ...

others in proportion. All stand alone on solid bases.


N 6447-Shipping weight 1 pound. Set of 14 animals only........ . .89c


con order



toy farm machinery

mode from

long lasting


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