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Words flow instantly, easily from these smooth-writing Desk Pens


Deskmates. For a well equipped desk choose this $6


handsome combination- a writing set and desk index.




Writing Set



$4.2 5

Set. Hand-


DeluxeFount- $S.

5 0

0-lnk Set

The Swivodex Writing Set holds up to 6 months' ink supply. Easy–

to-fill plastic 4 )4 in. base swivels to any angle. Smooth writing pen

has replaceable silver point. Extra pen point section included

Automatic Desk Index makes it easy to find desired names and num–

bers. Move indicator, push button and there's your page. Plastic

case 7


in.; manila A-Z card index. In black, ivory or maroon .

3 N

3985- Please stale color.

Postpaid. .

. . Complete $6.00

as described at left, less extra

pen point section.

Stal< color:

black, ivory or maroon .

3 N 3983- Postpaid . $3.00


Automatic Desk Index,

see at left.

Stale color.


somely designed walnut-col–

or plastic base, well, cover.

Matching 6hj in. pen holder

with gold-plated stainless

steel Irid-A-Tippoint. Bottle

of blue-black ink incl.

with metal base and cover in

hammertone bronze enamel

finish; walnut-color plastic

ink well. 6


in. pen holder

has 14K gold point. Bottle of

blue-black ink incl.

3 N 3279- Postpaid$2.50

3 N 3987-Postpaid .


3 N 3988- Postpaid.



. .





Splendid suggestions to help you with holiday shopping



Hand-finished Wood Frame

I Jl

that adds elegance and charm $ •

to any room in your home.


5x7 inch

color with gold overtone finish "sets off"

any portrait. Upright easel style. Can also

be hung on the wall. Glass window.

3 N 5978- For 5x7 inch photo.

Shipping weight 1 pound . . . ....... $1.37

3 N 5979-for 8x 10 inch photo.

Shipping weight 1 pound 8 ounces. . $1.44


Chrome-edged Mirror Frame. A

thoughtful and welcome gift. Ivory-col–

ored screen background with mirror design

has gleaming chrome-plated border. Made

in popular easel style; imitation leather

back. For 8x10 inch photograph.

3 N 5981 - Shipping weight 5 lbs . . $1.26


Genuine leather book-size Photo Album.



modern book is a perfect size

to fit right into your bookshelf. Padded,

long wearing brown sheepskin cover has

rounded hand-turned corners, 23K gold

stamping. Metal


permit pages to lie

flat when open. 80 pages size 9x7 )4 in.

3 N 5862- Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. . . $2.61


Rich-looking Photo Album in sturdy imitation leather! $2


The handsome padded cover with luxurious gold tool-

ing will add a decorative touch to any room. It's practical, too--for a

fine picture record of vacations, holidays, good times and old friends.

Big and serviceable .. . you can mount many good-sized photos on its

JOO·pages of smart black album paper. Give it as a Christmas present

... it's sure to please.


emerald green.

3 N 5863- Size 7%x10;!4 in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. ...

. ... $2.58

Genuine leather Photo Album and Scrap Book. A gift that will be

cherished always. Padded covers are attractively stamped in gold.

Both books are loose-leaf style.

Please state color:

red or walnut brown.


3 N 5871 - Photo Album. Size 10)4x8 in. Contains 100

pages of black album paper. Shipping weight 2 pounds ..$3.36

[] 3 N 5941 - Scrap Book. Size 9)4xl2)4 in. Contains 100

pages of gray mounting paper. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz. . . . . . $3.36


Genuine Leather Fortune-Telling Birthday Book to record all birth-

days. Horoscopes for every day of the year. Padded sheepskin

cover has 23K gold decoration and 23K gold-edge pages.

3 N 5953- Size 4 Ysx3


in. Shpg. wt. 9 oz.

. .. $1.67


Genuine leather Telephone-Address Book. A " must" for every

home. Handsome tan sheepskin cover is beautifully tooled in 24K

gold. On one side is a memo pad with pencil; on the other side, a plas–

tic-bound address-phone index. Space for over 600 listings.

3 N 5890- Closed size


in. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.... . $2.71

See our

Big General Catalog for other Christmas



easy terms see page



Genuine leather Autograph



Book with lock and key. A

perfect choice for the school girl on your

list. She'll love to collect autographs ...

and will find it even 1nore fun to reminisce

as she looks back at them over the years.

Long-lasting blue sheepskin cover has dec–

orative 24K gold tooled line design. 190

pages of smooth finish paper in assorted

pastel colors. Size 4 %"x6"8 inches.

3 N 5887- Shipping w.-ight I lb . . .$1.93


Finest quality 5-yr. Diary to lock away

a wealth of precious memories. Cover is

made of Madras grained calfskin with 22K

gold stamping; rounded hand-turned cor–

ners. In chestnut brown color; 22K gold

edge pages. Complete with metal lock and

key. Size 5




3 N 5938- Shpg. wt. 1 lb. . . . . . $3.31


Genuine leather Address Book ... just

the size to carry in purse or pocket.

Smooth top grain leather cover has hand–

some 22K gold line design; handy cutout


Please state color:

saddle tan or wine

(deep red). 4Ysx2;!4 inches.

3 N 5897- Shpg.


6 oz... . .... $1.41



/73 .