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"Fills Easy" Pouch

It's easy to fill a pipe from one of

these pouches. All you do is press

bottom of pouch to release tobac–

co into bowl of pipe. Made of

brown split leather. Moisture–

retaining lining. Length


inches, width of top 4



8 N 6551-Shpg. wt. 4 oz .. 89c

• Sheepskin Pouch

Well-made, long-wearing pouch of

genuine top-grain sheepskin leather.

Smooth soft finish, saddle tan color.

Equipped with straight easy-to–

work zipper opening and moisture–

retaining lining. Length 6



width 4 inches.

8 N 6599-Shpg. wt. 3 oz .. $1.49

Combination Pouch

Here's the kind of pouch any pipe

smoker will enjoy using. Genuine

leather in pebble grained finish. Two

zipper pockets give space for tobacco

and pipe. Tobacco compartment has

moisture-retaining lining. Size, about

6x3 in. Brown or black, no choice.

8 N 9976-Shipping wt. 4 oz. $1.98

Fine Accessories to please any smoker

Tobacco and Pipe Pouch

Get this superb tobacco and pipe pouch to really

please a man at Christmas! Made of soft genuine

goatskin in a medium brown color. Equipped with

full length pocket, with moisture-retaining lining,

to hold tobacco. A smaller pocket holds pipe.

Each compartment has zipper. Size of pouch

about 6x3 inches. In gift box.

8 N 9977-Shipping wt. 4 oz........... $2.98



Pipe Smokers' Gadgets. Every-

thing for taking care of a pipe.


8-C Safety Ash Tray. New triple-

plate chrome-finish tray with 'cig–

arette holder. Prongs firmly hold ciga–

rette which is snuffed out as it burns

down to holder. Tray 5 inches in diam–

eter. Holds 5 cigarettes.


Parker Lighter. Stainless steel wind-

proof lighter. Especially designed

with a shield to protect the flame from

wind. Length


inches. Uses stand–

ard wick and flint.


Ronson Whirlwind lighter. For a

lighter that works quickly and eas–

ily, get this beautiful windproof Ronson

-the "world's greatest lighter." Has

windshield that slides up and down.

Chrome finish. Size 2.iixt



Uses standard wick and flint. Comes

with replacement parts including flint,

brush, and igniter.

Set has reamer, tamper, pick, scraper.

8 N 6725-Shpg. wt. 6 oz .. Set 45c

Bronze-finish Metal Pipe Racks. Any

sports-lover will like these animals

with pipe rest at side.Pipe not included.


8 N 9936-Metal Horse, 4Y:\' in-

cheshigh.Shpg.wt.1 lb.6oz.$1.69


8 N 9937-Metal Dog, 4Y, inches

high. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.. $1,69


Safety Tray-lite. Decorative col-

ored glass ash tray with match hold–

er attached. Tray 4


inches in diam–

eter. Comes with 3 rolls of matches.

8 N 9944-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs ..... 89C

3 Rolls of Matches. 360 matches.

8 N 9945-Shpg. wt. 6 oz...... 19C

8 N 6724-Shpg. wt. 8 oz.. . . . . . .79c


Cork-knocker Pipe Tray and Humi-

dor. Round cork knob for knock–

ing out pipe. Tray made of bronze color

heat resistant metal, 7


in. in dian1-

eter. Matching humidor equipped with

clay moistener. Diameter 7 in. Hold,

about 1 lb. of tobacco. Shpg. wt.

2 lbs. 8 oz.

8 N 9982- Pipe tray, humidor.$2.29

Cork-knocker Pipe Tray only.

8 N 9992-Shpg. wt. 1 lb ..... $1.09

Humidor only.

8 N 9981 -Shpg. wt.1 lb. Boz... $1.39

8 N 6525- Postpaid........... $1.00


Windproof lighter. Shining chrome-

finish lighter that stays bright and

new looking. Has guard to protect

flame from wind. Length 2y.;'. inches.

Uses standard wick and flint.

8 N 6521 -Shpg. wt. 6 oz . .... $1.49


Ronson Standard lighter. This hand-

some, serviceable lighter has gleam–

ing chrome finish. Lights with slight

pressure of the thumb, goes out when

released. Length 2 in., width l;l{ in.

Uses standard wick and flint.

8 N 6508-Postpaid.......... $5.50

Smoking accessories may

be added

to your Easy Terms Order.




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8 N 6509-Postpaid .. . .. .. ...$7.50


Ronson Mastercase. Put this rich-

looking combination cigarette case

and lighter under the tree for a long-to–

be-remembered gift. Satiny chrome


ish. Holds about 14 cigarettes. Lights

easily. Size 4J.<l'.x2Y, inches. Fits easily

into pocket or purse. Uses standard wick

and flint. With extra replacement parts

including flint, brush, and igniter.

8 N 651 0-Postpaid ......... $11.9