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Bright Holiday Centerpieces

Add holiday cheer to your home at Christmas and Thanksgiving with a beauti–

ful, richly decorated centerpiece. One of these impressive decorations on your

table or mantel adds a festive air to your home ... not just now, but next

year too ... for they may be stored away- won't lose their gay colors.


Single Condie Yule Spray. Red wax candle stands in white papier mache

basket surrounded by luxuriant thick spray of real pine needles (flame-re.·

sistant). Decorated with chenille poinsettia, red berries, pine cones.

49 N 6213- About 4x9xl 1 in. long. Shipping weight 12 ounces .........



Gay Sleigh Centerpiece. Charming "old-fashioned" sleigh with papier

mAche body, curved red-painted runners. Sleigh rests on cotton "snow''

platform with green pine spray (flame-resistant), poinsettia, pine cones.

49 N 6211 - About 4x11x8 in. long. Shipping weight 2 pounds......



5-candle Yule Spray. Two sprightly santas and five red wax candles in thick

spray of dark green pine (flame-resistant). 1-lica-glittered pine cones, Christ.

mas berries. White cotton "snow" on foliage-looks almost real.

49 N 6221 - About.7xl4x16 in. long. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 8 oz....


Detachable legs

lock in place

three jaws grip tree

Pour water in well–

helps keep tree fresh

Attractive, firm-grip metal Tree Stands

... wide-reach 3-leg support ..• water well


Grip-tight Stand. No more wrestling with screws- no more adjustments.

- With a convenient.Sears tree stand it's all done automatically. Just attach

the legs- they lock into place easily- set tree in water well- pull handle tight

and the three jaws all grip the tree at one time. Holds from 1


to 3-inch diam–

eter tree. Tripod leg arrangement distributes weight evenly- tree sits solidly–

doesn't rock. Made of heavy steel with red and green baked-on enamel finish.

Extra large water capacity keeps tree fresher, greener- helps retain its pine-like



in. high overall. Comes in sturdy carton useful for storage.

49 N 6553 - Shipping weight 3 pounds 3 ounces ....................


[]] Electrically Lighted Stand. Has all the features of the above holder, plus a

colorful ring of eight 15-volt l\1azda electric lamps around the top rim of

base. Complete with eight assorted colored lamps. Bulbs are arranged to cast

a soft light on the floor- and to diffuse their color upward through the tree

branches. 4-foot lead-in wire has open outlet near tree- provides a convenient

plug-in for tree lights. Stand is


inches high overall. Each leg extends 11


inches. Packed in sturdy cardboard carton which you will find useful for season

to season storage. For use on 110-120 volt AC-DC current.

49 N 6549- Shipping wt. 4 lbs. Holder with eight lamps ...........


' .


Memorial Wreaths


I 5-in.


Ruscus Wreath. Bright real

foliage- treated for flame-resistance, color

pennanence. Cones, berries, satin bow.

Red Paper RooD1 Decorations Set

Bells so colorful •. Bells so bright!

79 N 06208- Shipping wt. 2 lbs .... .



19-in. Lycapodium Wreath. Real fern type

leaves sprayed green and silver-color.


for flame-resistance, color


nence. Lavender cones, red bow, berries.

79 N 06209- Shipping weight

3 pounds 4 ounces.

. ...


15-piece Set. Gay trimmings to add color to

your home at holiday time. Enough to dec–

orate one room as shown above. One bright

red 8-in. cellophane wreath with silver-col–

ored leaf spray; 4 red and green cut-out paper

garlands extend to 10711 ft.; eight 6-in. honey–

combed red tissue bells, one 9-in. bell; 1 foil

lithographed "Merry Christmas" sign. All

fold flat for easy storing: Red string loops for

hanging. Unfold, clip, hang-in a jiffy.

49 N 6226-Shpg. wt. 14 oz. 15-pc, Set



Eight graceful Bells made of bright red

honeycombed tissue paper; 6 in. high-

6-in. diam. Fold flat for storing-held open

by metal clip. Loop string for hanging.

49 N 620 I-Shipping wt. 4 oz .... Set



Silver-colored 7 -bell Cluster. Graceful bells

hang on bright red ribbon, tied with red

bow-graduated 4 to 6 in. diam.... shiny

Silver-color foil outside, red inside.

49 N 6523--Shipping wt.





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