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Lovely Tree with Swiss chimes-plays carols

Beautifully shaped Christmas tree that


last for years and $8


years. Branches formed of

flame resistant,

fluffy dark green

visca (grass-like rayon)-resists fading, folds flat for storing. Delights

children with clear tinkling notes af "Silent Night". Swiss music box


base-wind-up key at rear. White plastic base 6 in. high, with miniature

red plastic fence around tree trunk. Stan_ds 36 in. high.

79 N 06636-Easy to set up. Shipping weight 5 pounds . .... . $8.45

To make your room say "Merry Christmas"


Electric-lighted 3-bell Cluster. To brighten your home for

2 69

the holidays. Three graceful 5-in. bells of reinforced red $ •

cellophane cast cheery red glow through semi-transparent sides .... C-



tree lamp inside each bell. Red paper bow, hanging ribbons.

49 N 6513-With lamps and cord. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz ..... $2.69


Shining Cross. For tree top or window. White-enameled


metal cross. Lamp inside gives soft glow ... illuminates

red plastic buttons. Blue-painted corners accent its 3-dimensional de–

sign. 10x7 in. wide. 11 vertical-horizontal plastic buttons.

49 N 6561 -With electric lamp and cord. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 2 oz.$1.89

@)Beautiful Candle Yule Spray. Red and silver-sprayed- $2


fiber "drip" candle, golden electric lamp. Flame-resistant

green visca pine spray; pine cones and red holly berries. Red silk bow.

49 N 6543-With lamp and cord. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 5 oz ...... $2.75


Radiant, lively Bubble-Lite Set. Like joyous carolers' notes rising

. . . like distant sleigh bells jingling ... like Yule flames gently

curling. The ever-rising streams of shimmering bubbles in these extra–

ordinary tree lights are truly a Christmas delight! Nine liquid-con–

taining, closed-tube glass candles on bulb-ba•es of 2-tone plastic;

about 5 in. high. Glow when cord is plugged in-bubbles rise after

short warm-up. Metal dip at each socket for attaching. Interchange

with any standard 15-v. series type bulb. For indoor use on 110-120-v.

AC-DC. Price




20% &e/ow

last year.

49 N 6542- 9-Lamp Bubble Lite Set. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 7 oz ... $3.89

49 N 6$41 --fattra Bubble-Lite Lamps. Shpg. wt. 2 oz. Box of 2. 65c


Enchanting Bubble-Tree to add glorious touch to your room ...

truly a picture of radiant table-top splendor ! There's cheery

Yuletide warmth in the glow of its 9 vari-colored Bubble-Lites ...

bubbling life in their

-containing candle tubes. Generously full,

crisp green· branches and needles formed of rayon visca,


treated to insure.flame-resistance.

Metal frame construction. White-enam–

eled pottery base with embossed classic design, felted bottom. 18 in.

high overall. 3 replacement Bubble-Lite lamps included (total of 12).

79 N 06525-9-lamp Bubble-Lite Tree. Shpg.


6 lbs .... $9.15

Electric Novelties for brightest Noel


18-in. electric Candle-Lite Tree. Dark

green, richly decorated for your

table or mantel. Made of


fluffy visca (straw-like rayon) over

metal cone-shaped frame. Bright star

top and 12 colored glass candles lighted

by 25-watt lamp within tree. White

pottery base. For 110-120 volts.


79 N 06527-Shpg. wt. 6 l?s.$6.45


15-in. electric Gia-lite Tree. Novel

table-top Christmas tree. Plug in

the cord-star top and 16 colored

candle-tip ornaments glow from light of

15-watt lamp within tree ... like

gleaming jewels against branches of

dark green visca (straw-like rayon-–

flame resistant).

White pottery base.

79 N 06597-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. $4.79


Candle Wreath. Sparkling red cel-

lophane wreath-12 in. diam. Its

crinkle-surfaces glisten in soft glow cast

by "golden flame" electric lamp at top

of colorful fiber candle. Set off with

silver-color leaves. Ideal decoration

for your window or glass panel door.

49 N 6572-Shipping wt. 1 lb ... 87c


Musical Nativity Set. 12 familiar

figures of durable composition, deli–

cately hand-painted, in Birth of Christ

scene. Swiss chimes play Christmas

hymn. Concealed lamp illuminates

scene. Composi.tion rustic-effect Man–

14x7Yzx6Y2 in. high. Star on top.

Standing figures 4Yz in. high.

79 N 06512-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs .$10.25


Musical Chapel In the Pines. Soft

tinkling music and glowing red

windows for a cheerful Christmas spirit.

Wood church 9x4x147':! in. high–

white-painted and sprinkled with glis–

tening mica "snow." Swiss music box

and electric lamp inside. 6 green trees,

2 red Santas. Platform 18x11



79 N 06566-Shpg. wt. 6lbs. $8.95


Illuminated Altar. Beautiful in its

spiritual appeal. Composition struc–

ture with "marble grain" finish. 25-

watt lamp inside lights 12 glass candles,

chalice and cross ... spreads light over

figure of Christ and scene of "The Last

Supper." 12x5x15 in. high.

79 N 06538-Shpg.,wt.12.lbs..$6.95


Tree-top Angel with halo. Winsome


Distinctive Electric Can.dalier. 8-cream-

doll with silver-color wings, care-

color "drip" candles in pyramid

fully molded head, silvery-white wig,

form on curved metal base. Each can-

and white print dress of plastic with

die has clear plastic "halo" mounted

swirling skirt. Concealed electric lamp

over C-7_!1 lamp-when lighted, rim re-

causes edge of clear plastic "halo" disc

fleets sharp outline. Cream-painted

surrounding head to glow. 10-in. high.

base 20 in. wide. 8 in. high overall.

49 N 6532-Shpg. wt. 1 lb..... $1.85

79 N 06595-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs .. $4.55








electrical items include


and cords, for use on J J0-J 20

volts. Use Sears Easy

Payment plan. See_

page 256