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·'Jimminy ! We con put the animals

in their stalls inside the barn"

15-piece molded rubber Animal Set

True-to-life miniatures. Long-lasting, smoothly finished, appro-


priately colored. Set includes horse and 2 colts, cow and 2 calves,

hog and 2 little pigs, rooster and four hens and turkey. Size of horse 3%;x3%

inches high .. . others in proportion.

All stand alone on solid bases.

49 N 6447-Set of 15 animals, color-enameled. Shpg. wt. I lb. 4

pz .

•• • •• • • .




. .





. oest horses


.. ,i\nd the p

st sheep.

d the woo ie


t cows



,i\nd the rn

{arrners 1<.eep

that the toY



Farm with rubber animals

•.• colorful b uildings, while fen cing, rubbe r implemen ls

Won't the above


farm scene look



your Christmas tree! Children are enchanted by its bright colors

-thrilled by its true-to-life detail. Gives happy hours of play.

14 realistic farm animals molded from rubber-appropriately colored. Included in

farm set are horse and one colt, cow and one calf, hog and two little pigs, collie dog,

turkey, rooster and four hens. Horse stands 3% inches high; is 3% inches long. All

others in proportion. Smoothly finished-wipe clean with damp cloth.

Rubber farm implements. 4


long tractor, with farmer driving. Manure-spread–

er can be unhitched and left in barn. Both pieces realistically molded and colored.

Sturdy fiberboard buildings. Extra-large 2-wing barn is precision die-cut from heavy

fiberboard. Has gables, eaves, even R-V-Lite transparent material to attach over

windows. Cut-away in rear roof allows built-in stalls to be used-animals can be

taken in and out of barn. See illustration at top of page. Barn measures 19x12)1x

11%'.inches. Other buildings are in proportion. Included are silo, water-well, farm

house, windmill, doghouse, chicken coop. Fencing adds realism. All pieces, except

animals and machines, come Aat. Easy to set up-complete instructions. Add this

set to your Easv Terms order. See page


for information.

79 N 06453- Shipping weight 7 pounds.... . .... . .... . ............. Complete set $2.98