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Upholstery Cleaner,

a gift she'll use

"Just what I wanted!" That's what any housewife will say when she sees this

KENMORE Upholstery Cleaner. It's ideal for quick tidying up ai:td special clean–

ing jobs. Cleans upholstered furniture, draperies, stair carpets, mattresses, wearing

apparel, automobile interiors. It's powerful, compact, perfectly balanced, easy to

use. Weighs only SY:! lbs.. ..· as light to handle as some hand irons.

.... the best time for remembering.

Remember to give her one of


best Vacuum

every day

Triple-action motor-driven brush (1) beats, (2) sweeps, (3) powerful sucfion

draws dirt into dust-tight bag. 1/ 5-hp. motor. Rubber guard on nozzle protects

furniture. Finger-tip switch. Aluminum nozzle with attractive finish .

Cleaners .. .


It will

make the days happier, the work

easier for the one you


67!!-in. nozzle gets into corners easily. 20-ft. cord with plug. Uses 165 watts. UL

approved. For 110-120 volt AC or DC. See 10-day trial offer below.

20 N 0745-Complete instructions included. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. Mailable.

. ... ..$21.50

Kenmore Tank-Type Vacuum Cleaner

Cleans .everything-drapes, furniture, rugs

Cuts housework from hours to minutes. This great


gets dirt from hard-to-reach places. No need to move heavy

furniture. Makes complete cleaning easy.

Powerful %-hp. air-cooled ball-bearing motor never needs

oiling. Large filter ... only clean air leaves machine. Floor

nozzle has floating brush ... adjusts to any rug thickness, to

bare floors or linoleum. Foot switch . . no stooping. Large, easy–

to-empty dust bag. 20-ft. cord with plug. Steel body, smooth

Cleaner with




on Easy Terms

finish. Instructions. UL approved. For 110-120 volt AC or DC. Uses 550 watts.

De luxe 16-piece set of attachments includes: air filter and purifier already

inserted in cleaner; floor waxing tool; sprayer; 10% -in. rug nozzle with floating



wall brush;


upholstery nozzle; drapery brush; round

dusting tool; radiator tool; flexible hose; two · 20-in. extension wands; moth–

proofer; anti-moth crystals; deodorizing fluid; storage case (not shown) .

20 NT 722-Kenmore Cleaner with Attachments. Shpg. wt. 28 lbs. Mailable ... . ...$59.95



Vacuum Cleaner. Send cash price (or

down payment


ordering on Easy Terms).


the cleaner in your home for 10 days.


not completely satisfied, return cleaner to us. We will then refund every penny you

have paid, including shipping charges both ways.

Kenmore Triple-Action Vacuum Cleaner

Best type you can buy for cleaning rugs


Cleans your rugs quickly, thoroughly. Helps restore nat-

ural sheen and beauty. Makes colors bright and fresh

again. Uses 3 cleaning principles: (1} Beats to loosen em–

bedded dirt, .(2} Brushes to remove dirt and lint, (3) Banishes

... powerful suction whisks dirt into dust-tight bag. Auto–

matic rug adjustment permits you to go from any thickness

rug to bare floors or linoleum.


Mon I h I


on Easy Terms

Powerful 1/ 3-hp. motor never needs oiling. Six wheels make cleaner easy to

maneuver. Headlight lights up dark corners. Molded hand grip. Finger-tip on-off

switch on handle. 3-position handle. Guard protects furniture. Aluminum nozzle

has non-mar finish. 20-ft. cord with plug. Instructions. UL approved. For 110-

120 volt AC or DC. Uses 310 watts. See 10-day home trial offer at left.

20 NT711-Kenmore Vacuum Cleoner. Shipping weight 20 pounds. Mailable .....



13-piece set of attachments for above cleaner only. Set includes: drapery and

upholstery nozzle; drapery brush; 8Y:i-inch wall brush; dusting tool; radiator

tool; flexible hose; two 20-in. extension wands; moth proofer; anti-moth crystals;

sµction adapter; blowing adapter; storage case (not shown).

20 N 0812-Kenmore attachments. Shipping weight 11 pounds. Mailable . . ... . ...$19







See Sears General Catalog

for more


time, work and money


For Easy

Terms, see

page 243