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$2.50 down

PEDAL DRIVE AUTOS win the race for f un!

Heavy steel with ball-bearing rear axle, pedal crank


Big Dump Truck. Dump

Box operates from driv–

er's seat. Tail gate raises and

lowers. Lock device holds

box securely when not in

use. Easy-pedal ball bear–

ing drive. 1-inch solid rub–

ber tires on ball-bearing 8-

inch double disc wheels.

Rubber block pedals. Black

fabric seat pad. Yellow and

black baked enamel finish

with white trim. Bright–

plated radiator ornament.

Measures 17 inches wide, 47

inches long. Perfect for a

young engineer. Wt. 38 lbs.

79 N 08944l. ..... . .... $22.95

$2.50 down


New Sports Model.

Trunk opens to store

toys for neighborhood

jaunts. Ball-bearing drive

and wheels make traveling

easy. 8-inch double disc

wheels with 1-inch solid

rubber tires. Block rubber

pedals adjust for leg reach.

Fabric seat pad. Smart 2-

tone blue baked enamel

finish; white trim, alumi–

num color around wind–

shield, on grille. Bright

plated radiator ornament.

39 in. long, 17 in. wide.

Shipping weight 37 lbs.

79 N 08929L.. . ...... $20.95


New I FBI Radio Cruiser.

Electric flasher warns

yourjunior G-man is coming

through! Dummy antenna

adds realism. Ball-bearing

drive. 8-in. double disc steel

wheels, Ys-in. solid rubber

tires. Rubber block pedals

adjust to leg length. Red

fabric seat pad. Black and

white baked enameled; yel–

low trim. 36 in. long, 17 in.

wide. Battery not included.

Order now for Christmas.

Shipping weight 29 lbs.

79 N 0891 3L. ......... . $20.95

34N4702--¢.voll bollery





I lb. 6

oz.. ...... .




CHAIN DRIVE develops


power with less effort

ACTION-PACKED TOYS ON WHEELS for thrilling hours of outdoor play

New! "Dragnet" Pafrol Car with Loud Speaker

"Calling all cars-Dum-de-dum-dum !" Your young detective

d irects his aides to scene of action over electric microphone–

speaker system. Dragnet car speeds to rescue on ball-bearing

drive, smooth nylon-bearing wheels. Rubber pedals adjust for leg

length. 8-in. double disc wheels with %-in. rubber tires. Trim, low

body styling with 2-tone white and black baked enamel finish;

red and silver color trim. "License" stenciled on rear. 37 in. long.

79 N 08928L- Battery for speaker not included. Shpg. wt. 29 lbs•.. $20.95

34 N 4702- 6-vo/f

bolfery for

above. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.. . . . . . . . . .



Hot-Rod Chain Drive Racer. A "souped-up"

model for small speedsters, it pedals easily with

ball-bearing chain-drive mechanism. Nylon-bear–

ing 10-inch steel artillery wheels. 1Y.,-inch semi:

pneumatic rubber tires. Block rubber pedals.

Bright yellow baked enamel finish; black and red

trim. 35 inches long.


New! Police Cycle sounds its siren, chases down

" lawbreakers" on ball-bearing chain drive

mechanism. Realistic lever-operated police siren.

Rear door opens to store police equipment. Heavy

gauge steel body. Ball-bearing 8-in. double disc

wheels; lY.,-in. semi-pneumatic front tires, 1Vs-in.

solid rubber rear. Dummy antenna, gas tank. Fabric

seat pad. Blue baked enamel, white and red trim.

36x22x20 in. high. Plastic grips, colored streamers.

79 N 08950L- Shipping weight 38 pounds. .... .... $21..45

[]] Chain Drive De Luxe Country Squire. Open trunk,

load up with a day's supply of toys! Easy-riding

ball-bearing chain drive speeds ybu on your way.

Heavy gauge steel body. Ball-bearing 8-in. double

disc steel wheels; 1-in. solid rubber tires. Block rub–

ber pedals. Green plaid fabric seat pad. Baked

enamel 2-tone green finish; mahogany color side

panels, white trim. Dummy antenna. 39 in. long,

17 inches wide. A favorite of every tiny rancher.

79 N 08962L- Shipping weight 40 pounds. . . ......


79 N 08969L- Shipping weight 36 pounds. . ...... . $26.95


NEW! '' Wizord Horse" jogs gently up and down

as it moyes !orward on easy pedal drive. Steers

easily by turning "hang-on" bar. Sturdy


"DeKalux" board horse on strong wood and steel

chassis. Y..-in. solid rubber tires on 8-in. rear wheels,

6-in. front wheels. Rubber pedals, height to seat

18 in. Pony realistically silk-screened.

79 N 08354L- Overoll 30x15x27 in. high. Wt. 18 lbs. $17.95

NOTE: Wheel


shipped partly assembled to

save on

your shipping costs .

. .

easy to assemble yourself