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Brand new

for this




Captain Kangaroo's "Pockets of Fun"

Brand new activity box. Ages 4 to 8. Now

children can have big pockets like TV star,

CaptainKangaroo. Durableaproncrammed

full of play material .. other books in box.

Paste-without-paste books, puzzles, follow–

the-dots, over 200 press-outs, dozens of

other happy pastimes. Children will love to

pull surprises out of this big apron.

3N 417-ox 17x13V2 in. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz... $1.89

Captain Kangaroo's Funtime Box. Ages



(Not shown.) One big value box contains

drawing lessons, post cards to color and

mail, follow-the-dots, pictures to color and

wipe off on magic coloring board, etc.

3N 418--Box 14V2xl2V2 in. Wt.21bs....... $1.19

Exciting Stamp Collecting Outfits


My First Stamp Outfit. Album with 4300

stamp spaces, 2500 pictures. P-e'.cket 100

world stamps, magnifier, 1000 hinges, 82

flags. 72 coats of arms. Maps, identifier.

3 N 5812-Shpg. wt.


lb. 7 oz......... . . $2.39


World-Wide Stamp Outfit. 15,000 space

loose-leaf album,. 7000 pictures, 300

world stamps, 82 flags, 72 coats-of-arms,

tongs, 1000 hinges, magnifier, identifier.

3 N 5851- Plus stock bk. Wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz.... $6.29

Stomp Album only. 348 pages, lOxl 1 inches.

3 N 5805-toose-leof. Wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz.... $4.29

3N 5818--£ookbound. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs...... 3.29


International Stamp Outfit. Bound album

with 15,000 stamp spaces, 7000 pic–

tures, beginner's guide. 200 world stamps,

1000 hinges. Flags, coats-of-arms, magnifier.

3 N 5845-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.. ......... .. ... $4.29







Gifts that develop healthy interests in young boys and girls

Authentic Nature Kits .. Humorous and Educational Books for Children Ages 6 to 12


Stones and Minerals Kit. Has superbly illustrated book

describing the many different kinds of stones and

minerals. 32 detailed illustrations, 16 beautiful full color

pictures. Size 7!1x10!4 inch. Stiff cover. Box of 15

specimens of stones, minerals. Order today.

3N 117-Shipping weight l pound..................... $2.39


Seo Shells Kit. Fascinating facts with colored illustra-

tions on this interesting subject. Book has 32 pictures

with 16 in color. Size 7!1x10!4 in. Stiff cover. Box of

26 specimens of sea shells. Order today.

3N 118-Shipping weight l pound 8 ounces............. $1.B9


Leaf Kit. Brand new kit has book on how to identify

trees by leaves. Includes leaf printing paper, inking

roller, leaf tweezer, adhesive cement, printing ink, brush

applicator and instructions on mounting, collecting, etc.

With album and guide book.

3N 345-Shipping weight


pounds. ............. ..... . $3.79


Coin Kit. New this year. Adventure Book of Money

tells story of coins, history, superstitions, rare coins,

counterfeiting, trading value charts, etc. With genuine

coins from 19 foreign countries. Magnifier, coin labels.

Plus 3 display-type coin boards. Book fully illustrated.

3N 337-Shipping weight


pounds... . ........ _........ $3.79


Insect Kit. New for 1956. Illustrated book on insects ..

how they live, how to collect, etc. Includes tough,

nylon-reinforced butterfly net, insect board, magnifier,

pinning forceps, fluid dropper, insect labels, pins.

3N 338-Shipping weight 2 pounds.. ... ................ $4.79


Ploy and Laff--Good Time Book. Ages 7 to 11.



activity books crammed full of pencil games, cut-outs,

jokes, quizzes, funny poems, cartoons, etc.

3N 347-Shipping weight




oz.......... 2 Books for $1.89


Walt Disney's American Folklore. Ages 6to12. Author-

ized edition. 256 pages with 2-color illustrations on

Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, other legendary heroes. 811xl1

in. Hard cover. Gift box.

3N 365-Shipping weight


pounds.. ....... ......... . . . .. 97c


Treasure Chest of Humor. All ages.


pages of funny

stories, recitations, classroom boners, puns, etc. Kind

of wholesome humor that makes youngsters roar.



in. Hord cover. Illus. Wt.




oz..... $1.89


Famous Paintings. By

Alice E. Chase.

Introduction to

art for young people. 172 reproductions of famous

paintings and sculpture .. 50 in color. Clearly explained.

3N 351-About 105 poges.



lb. 8 oz........... $2.49

Fascinating Story and Educational Books that every Boy


erTjoy reading


Rudyard Kipling's Stories for Boys.

Ages 10 and up. A collection of 28

of the famous short stories of Rudyard

Kipling. See adventure, fast-moving

action through the exciting pages of

this master story writer. Parents who

are careful of the books read by their

children will welcome this book. 499

pages. Size 5


x8!4 in.

3N 352-Shpg. wt. l lb. 8 oz........ $1.89


A. Conan Doyle's Stories for Boys.

Ages 10 and up. World-famous

stories involving Sherlock Holmes.

Full of adventure and intrigue. Star–

tling collection includes: A Study in

Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, A Case

of Identity, The Red-Headed League,

,..\ Scandal in Bohemia, The Bas–

combe Valley Mystery. Good, whole–

some reading. Attractive cover, well–

bound. 491 pages. 5!1x8!4 in.

3 N 353-Shpg. wt. l lb. 8 oz.... . ... $1.89



Jack London's Stories for Boys.

Ages 10 and up. In this volume

for the first time are 18 of his finest

stories, formerly in various volumes.

3 N 354-5V2x8V. in. Wt. l lb. 8 oz. $1.89


The Boy Scout Encyclopedia. Ages


to 16.



Boy Scouts.



Handy reference guide

for Scouts. Hundreds of facts and

stories about scouts and scouting.

D efinitions and explanations of

many phases of scouting, nature,

crafts, etc. Illustrated. 160 pages.

3 N


xlOV. in. Wt. l lb.6 oz.$2.79


The Boy Mechanic. For ages 9 to

16. A fascinating how-to-do-it

book for boys. Instructions on how

to build toys, games, boats, etc.

Published by Popular Mechanics.

Illustrated. 320 pages 6%x9% in.

3 N 145-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz..... $3.79


The Boy Scientist. For ages ·9 to

16. An introduction to the won–

derful world of science. Interesting

and informative chapters on Light,

Sound, Atomic Energy, Chemistry,

Electricity, Motion, etc. Written in

a style that holds interest, yet is en–

tirely factual. Contains 176 illustra–

tions which make clear many other–

wise difficult concepts. About 272

pages. 6% x9% in.

3N 132-Shpg. wt. l lb. 8 oz..... $3.79


Mr. Wizard's Science Secrets.

Ages 9 and up.




Interesting book by the famous"Mr.

Wizard" oftelevision fame. Explains

the best of simple experiments and

tricks . . perform them in your own

home for friends. A book that the

whole family will enjoy. Cloth cover.

About 264 pages, many illustrations.

3N 1573- Shpg. wt. 14 oz.. . . . ... $2.89