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Little Mother's Bath Tables and Beds


Doll Bath with Dressing Table,

safety strap. Rubber tipped feet.

Vinyl tub with hammock. Yellow met–

al accessory tray, blue folding



frame. Folds flat for storage.

Splash guards, pockets, rubber drain

hose with drain. 16xl1x30 in. high.

79 N 09261 L-Doll not incl. Wt.




[]] Metal Doll Crib. Finished in pastel

blue enamel .. gay teddy bear nur–

sery design. Press-type latch easily low–

ers side. Steel link spring, 4 swivel cast–

ers. 15x25x207\! in. high.

79 N 09209-Shpg. wt. 15 lbs . .......


Tufted Plastic Mattress to fit above.

Inflates bymouth to 17\! in. Wipes clean.

49 N 9242-Shpg. wt. 6 oz......


Dolly's Bedding Set

Everything for dolly's comfort. Pink

beacon cloth blanket, 17x24 in.; cotton

flannel receiving blanket, 17x27 in.;

sheet; embroidery-edged pillow slip;

pillow; clothes pins, safety pins. Fits all

doll beds.

49 N 9275-Shipping weight


oz.. ... $1.84

All Steel Drop Side Crib

One side lowers, put dolly to bed,

take her out. Blue enamel finish; nur–

sery decorations. Steel link spring.

Swivel casters. Mattress not incl.

20x12xl7 in. high.

49 N 9225- Shpg. wt. 7 lbs . ..... $4.47

Plastic Mattress for above. Inflates.

49 N 9226-1 in. thick. Wt. 6 oz... 94c

Wood Drop Side Crib

Beautiful, rugged birch and beech

woods in natural finish. Side lowers.

Birch veneer panels with teddy bear

design. Clear plastic swivel casters.

About 24xl4x20 inches high. Mat–

tress not included, order below. Or–

der bedding at left for a snug crib.

79 N 09208-Shpg. wt.




Wood Economy Doll Crib


finish wood.

Snug dowel joints;

removable slat bottoms. 22xl2xl5 in.

high. Mattress not included; order


49 N 9283-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz. $1.84

Tufflex• mattress; plastic cover

wipes clean. Fits crib above.

49 N 9251 -Shpg. wt. 7 oz........ 84c

Oak Drop Side Crib

Side lowers to let dolly's little moth–

er tuck her in easily. Slat sides. 247\!x

15x20 inches high. Mattress not

included, order below; have a bed


ready for dolly on Christmas morn–

ing. Seeour doll pages for a big selec–

tion of dolls.

79 N 09259-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs... . . $3.97

Soft Tufflex•Mattress to fit cribs above. Plastic cover wipes clean.

49 N 9252-Shipping weight


ounces..... . ........ ·.. ... . .... .. ...... : .97c

Doll Bath with Dressing Table

Just like mothers use for real babies. Even has

safety strap to hold dolly tight. Vinyl tub with

hammock. Metal accessory tray. Folding light–

weight tubular steel frame. Splash guards with

pockets. Drain hose with clip. Sponge, comb,

soap included too! 25x12x20 inches high. Order

yours now for bath-time fun . . keep your

dollies clean. See our doll pages for dolls you can


79 N 09250l- Shipping weight


lbs......... . $3.67

Genuine Maple Bunk Bed .. beautifully styled

Perfect for big doll families . . the right size for big

dolls, too. You can use it as a double decker, 27 inches

high, or convert it to twin beds, each 14x28 inches long.

Rich maple finish with turned corner posts in authentic

colonial style. Wood slat bottom. Order bedding set

above for a really complete Christmas gift. Mattresses

and pillows not included (see below). Easy assembly.

79 N09272- Shipping weight 15 lbs...

. ... $10.94

49 N 9279-Tufftex* Mattress for above bunk bed. Shipping

Bunk Beds with Mattresses, Pillows, Ladder

Nothing else to buy .. everything in one attractive

ensemble. Striking white finish hardwood beds, full

panel headboard witb decal, sla:t foot post. Use bunk

style or side by side as twin beds. Ladder makes it

easy for dolly to climb in and out of bed.

Sparkling white accessories: white plastic padded

mattresses, white ruffled pillows. Soft and comfy for

little dolls. What more could dolly ask for?

Beds are 14x25 inches long. Each bed is 13 inches

high. Big eno Jgh for large dolls or doll families.

weight 12 oz... . . .... ... ..

. ......... Each 97c



*Reg. U. S. Patent Office (cellulose fiber)

79 N 09231- Shipping weight


lbs... • . ... Comulete $7.97