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40-pc. Plastic Tea Set


Tea nm has pour spigot. Un–

breakable pink and turquoise

polyethylene tea urn, cream–

er, sugar bowl, 6 each cups,

knives, forks, spoons. 6 each

metal plates, saucers with

floral design. Plates 6-in.

diam., other pieces in pro–

portion. Gift boxed.


N 872-Wt. l lb. 12 oz.$2.87

49 N 884-Servico for four, 28-

pieco set. Wt. l lb. 8 oz. . $1.97

Punch Bowl Set


28-pc. Metal Tea Set


The little hostess will fall

in love with the dainty Swiss

figures on this unbreakable

service for six. Bright red,

blue and green flower border.

6 each of plates, cups, sau–

cers and butter plates. Tea–

pot, sugar bowl, creamer.

Tray 8x10 in. Jong. Plates

4 inches in diameter, other

pieces in proportion.

49 N 923-Wt. l lb. 4 oz...96c

Bead-A-Basket Kit


Plastic Play Food


A delicious make-believe

dinner to !lerve on her new

dishes. 31-piece set in–

cludes colorful plastic ta–

blecloth 17x14 in. wide, 2

each of turkeys, loaves of

bread, 4 each of sirloin

steaks, sweetcorn, carrots,

peas, biscuits, slices of pie.

Salt and pepper shakers.

Gift boxed.

49 N 1122-Wt. 9 oz. . $1.47

Friction Vacuum Cleaner


27-pc. Styrene plastic

inburgundy, cleartrim.

Cutlery has silver-like

finish. Bowl 7-in. diam.,

other pieces in propor–

tion: 6 cups, plates,

knives, forks. Ladle,

platter. Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

49N879- Gift boxed $2.76

Make 6-pc. matched set–

basket, table mat and coast–

ers. Includes material for

sunburst pattern serving

basket (top diam. 10 in.),

round table mat (9-in. diam).

and 4 coasters (4-in. diam.).

Wood. Colored beads.

Just push down and forward,

hear motor hum, see "cold"

sparks in window. Actually picks

up dirt by suction and a revolv–

ing brush. Vinyl plastic bag in–

flates; slide off top to empty.

Sweeper 6x6%x3 in. h'igh. Over–

all height 27 in. From Japan.


N 1203- Shpg.


2 lbs... $1.80


N 1262- Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz.$2.73

Happi-Time Cleaning Set

Works Just Like Mom's


A pint-size housekeeper'sdream!

Metal sweeper really sweeps! It

has a fiber bristle brush and bot–

tom that opens for emptying. 24

inches long with wood handle;

9}ix7;!1x2-inch base. Metal dust






Serve homemade dainties

on miniature dishes



Russel Wright American Modern Tea Service for



ly created to delight modern little misses by leading designer,

Russel Wright. Strong plastic in modern, mottled, pottery colors.

6 each of plates, cups, saucers, knives, forks, spoons, napkins.


clear goblets with etched-type design. Creamer, teapot and

sugar bowl with covers. Turned-edge plates are 6}1( inches in

diameter, other pieces in proportion. Gift boxed.

49 N 851-Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces........ ... .......$3.76


Beautiful 28-piece Imported China Dinner Set. Young hos-

tesses Jove these real china dishes 9ecause they're so like

Mom's. Dainty floral pattern on each piece.


plates, 6 cups, 6

saucers. Teapot, sugar bowl, casserole with cover. Creamer,

platter, vegetable dish and gravy boat. Plates measure 4% inches

in diameter, saucers 3%: inches in diameter, other pieces in

proportion. Imported from Japan. Gift


49 N 842-Shipping weight


pounds 8 ounces. . . . . ........ .. ... $2.77


32-piece Plostic Tea Set. How proud she'll be to serve her

little guests on this elegant service. Durable styrene plastic

and metal in beautiful burgundy. Plates, saucers trimmed in

gold color on ivory. 4 cups, plates, saucers, napkins. 4 knives,

forks, spoons with silver-like metallic finish. 4 sparkling clear

plastic goblets. Creamer, sugar bowl, teapot with cover. Plates

6-in. diameter, other pieces in proportion. Gift box.

49 N 880-ShipP,ingweight l pound 12 ounces . . .... . ...... . ... $1.97


Blue Willow Pattern Imported Tea Service. She'll set such a

lovely table with her real china service for 6. And how

thrilled to know that its beautiful design is a traditional favorite

with grown-ups too. Imported from Japan, set includes



saucers and plates. Casserole, teapot and sugar bowl with

covers, platter and creamer. Plates are 3%:-inch diameter, other

pieces in proportion. Just right for tiny


Gift box.


N 827-26-piece Set. Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces. . .. . . $1.67

[] Big 63-piece Food Mix Set with 33 name brand mixes. 8

Swansdown cake mixes, 4 Aunt Jemima mixes, 8 Flako mixes,

12 Junior Chef Pudding, pie mixes and frostings, bottle Log

Cabin syrup. 30 utensils, including 2 each of cake pans, pie tiyts,

spoons, cookie sheets, mixing bowls. Decorator with 3 nozzles.

7 cookie cutters. Bread pan, rolling pin, muffin tin, pancake grill,

turner, funnel, egg beater, cookie pan, recipe book. Gift box.

49 N 1179-Shipping weight 4 pounds 6 ounces•. . ••. . ........ . $5.87


N 1264-Set of 8 refills. Shipping weight 12 ounces........... 87c


49-piece Food Mix Set with 26 name brand mixes for a be-

gilllling cook. 7 Swansdown cake mixes, 2 Aunt Jemima

mixes, 4 different Flako mixes, 13 Junior Chef pudding, pie and

decorator mixes. 23 real junior-size utensils including 2 each of

cake pans, pie tins and cookie sheets. Decorator with 3 nozzles

and 7 various cookie cutters. Bread tin, spoon, rolling pin,

muffin tin, pancake turner and recipe book. Decorated box.

49 N 1178-Shipping weight 3 pounds 2 ounces.... . .... .. .. . ... $3.87

49 N 1264-Set of 8 refills. Shipping weight 12 ounces. . ... . . . . . . 87c


35-piece Food Mix Set with 18 name brand mixes. 4 Swans..

down cake mixes, 2 Aunt Jemima mixes, 5 Flako mixes, 7

Junior Chef mixes. 17 utensils: 2 each pie tins, cake pans. 7

cookie cutters, bread pan, muffin tin, cookie sheet, spoon, rolling

pin, recipe book. What fun to learn to bake with her very own

utensils . .. serve what she makes on her own dishes! Gift box.

Order early in time for Christmas.

49 N 1177-Shipping weight 2 pounds


ounces........... . .....$2.67

49 N 1176- 24-piece set. 12 mixes end 12 utensils. Shipping weight

l pound 10 ounces.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 1.77

49 N 1264- Set of 8 refills. Shipping weight 12 ounces. . .. . .. . .. . 87c

pan. 24-inch long red plastl'c


Minia ture Dining Room and Kitchen. Box opens up to form

bristle broom with wood handle.

colorful room setting. Detachable metal sidewall contains

26-inch long multi-color yam

cabinets, sink, stove, refrigerator. Doors open ... plenty of

dust mop with wood handle.

room for tiny accessories. Equipped with toaster, coffee pot,

Ruffled plastic apron 12x9

broom, dust pan, 2 saucepans, 2 cups, saucers, plates. Metal

inches. Gift boxed. An exciting

wall for dining unit that includes breakfront cabinet, table with

gift for mother's little helper.

4 chairs, bowl, 2 candlesticks, 4 cups, saucers, tumblers.

79 N 01302- Shpg.


3 lbs..$1.80


N 11 21- Shipping weight l pound


ounces. .. • ....... ... . ..$1.80




Save Santa's budget •. buy


Sears Easy Terms. Only 10% down


orders of $20 or more