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New! Supersonic Jet Fighters Set



Triple jet threat features Grumman F 11F-1

Tiger, Chance Vought F8U-1 Crusader and the

Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Scaled from official

blueprints in molded styrene plastic. Each



long. Cement, display stands included.

49N2130-lnstructions. Shpg. wt. 1lb.6 oz.. 3-pc. Set


Other Revell Plane Kits. Plastic. With stands.

(B) 49 N 2128-Convoir R3Y-2 Trodewind Flying Boot

(C) 49 N 2147-lockheed P2V-7 Neptune Patrol Plane

(D) 49 N 2148-Douglos A3D Skyworrior Attock Bomber



N 2149-Mortin P6M-1 Seomoster Mineloyer

10 to 11 Y2 in. long. Wt. eo. 7 oz. Each 91 c. Any 3 for $2.57

Swivel display stand at

right included in all

sets for each model

Airborne Marines Set. Molded styrene

plastic models, scaled from official

blueprints of 2 of the most versatile

planes adopted for use by the U.S.

Marine Corps. The dramatic HRS

Sikorsky helicopter with 13-inch rotor–

span and detailed dummy Pratt


Whitney air-cooled engine



8%-i:1ch Jong replica of the Douglas

A4D Skyhawk. Authentic


Corps decals, cement and swivel

display stands included.




13 oz... 2-pc. Set $1 .77

Scaled from official Air Force

blueprints in st yrene plastic

Jet Guordians of the Sky .. Air Power Set


Features F-89D Scorpion, Convair F-102A, F-lOOC Super

Sabre, McDonnell F-101A Voodoo, Martin B-57B bomber.

49 N 2340-Wingspon 6 to


in. Cement, stands.

Shipping weight 1 lb. 14 oz.....

. .5-pc. Set $4.27


Other Revell Plane Kits. Plastic. Swivel display stands included.



N 2131-Convoir B-36

( L) 49 N 2135-Mitchell B-25


New! U.S.S. Forrestal. Mightiest carrier in the

fleet. Movable elevators, cranes, booms, etc. 16

tiny jet planes. Angled flight deck. Plastic.

49N2374-22\/2 in. long. Display stand. Wt. 2 lbs..


(]] New! U.S. Eastwind. Coast Guard ice-breaker.

Movable cranes, helicopter, power launffi. Plastic.

49N2140-l 1 in. long. Display stand. Wt. 9 oz...... $1.34




(H) 49 N 2132-B-47 Strotojet

(M) 49 N 2137-B-241 liberator

( J )

49 N 2133-8-52 Strotofortress

(N) 49 N 2138-Mortin B-578

(K) 49 N 2134-B-29 Superfortress

( P) 49 N 2139-Russian ll-38 Bison



to 15"in. Shpg. wt. eoch 7 oz.... Eoch 91c; Any 3 for


+-Stand by for Action •. Army Combat Team $4.37 s,,

7-inch M-4 Sherman Tank with revolving turret, movable guns,

wheels and treads; "Long Tom" M-2 155-mm artillery gun and

detachable M-4 high-speed tractor .. 17 in. long over-all .. 2-way

adjustable gun barrel, wheels and treads move; 3-in. radio jeep

and communications trailer with adjustable windshield. 23

action-posed soldiers. Molded styrene plastic.


N 2312-Complete set. Cement incl. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz....... $4.37


N 2356-Sherrnon Tonk, 6 soldiers only. Shpg. wt. 10 oz..•.


49 N 2370-"long Tom" Gun, Trector,


soldiers only. Wt. 10 oz... 1 .77

49 N 2218-Jeep, Trailer, 3 soldiers only. Shpg. wt. 4 oz..

71 c

Revell Paint Set. Includes brush,

10 bottles of different color

paints, cement, thinner. Buy

several models . . start your

collection this Christmas.

49 N 2297-Shpg. wt. 11 oz.... .91 c

49 N 2289-Fost,drying Cement for

styrene plastic. Wt. I oz.... Tube 12c


New! Santa Maria. Flagship of Co!Uillbus'

fleet. Complete with sails, rigging, 10 guns,

water casks, etc. Tiny liieboat, figures of Colum–

bus, 6 crew members. Styrene plastic. 11 in. Jong.

49 N 2109-Cement, display stand. Wt. 1 lb.. .

$2 .77


Robert E. Lee Steamboat. Famous in song and





rudder. Booms,

lifeboats, etc., even bales of cotton. Plastic.

49N2144-13 in.


Display stand. Wt. 15 oz. $1.77

Other Revell Model Ship Kits. Faithfully reproduced

of molded styrene plastic. 12 to 21Yz in. long. With dis–

play stands, instructions (W), (X), (Y) include cement.

(W) 49 N 2233-U.5.5. F.D. Roosevelt. Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.... $2.27

( X) 49 N 2142-U.5. Coost Guard Cutter. Wt. 8 oz


( Y) 49 N 2326-U.S. Constitution Frigate. Wt. 1 lb..... 2.77

( Z ) 49 N 2113-Flying Cloud Clipper. Shpg. wt. 15 oz.. 2 .77



N 2112-H.M.S. Bounty. Shipping wt. 13 oz.. .


(BB) 49 N 2145-S. 5. United States. Shpg. wr. 13 oz..


(CC) 49 N 2146-U.S.S. Missouri. Shpg. wt. 13 oz.. , .