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Ruggedly made models with lifelike action and detailing

for building imaginary roads of the future



32Y2 -in. long Carry-all and

Trailer. Hauls high lifts, steam

shovels, etc. from job to job. Real

winch with cable, hook pulls ma–

chines up detachable ramps. Swivel

cab. Detachable trailer with landing

gear. Rubber wheels. Heavy-gauge


79 N05598-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.....



211/2 -in. Ready-Mix Concrete

Truck. Mixer barrel rotates,

makes realistic mixing sound when

truck is moved just like real truck.

Load and unload mixer through

opening .. turr crank to raise barrel

for unloading. Heavy·-duty rubber

wheels. Heavy-gauge steel.

49 N5562-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs...... $6.37


Automatic Power Shovel. Scoops,

lifts load and dumps all by turn–

ing 1 crank! Boom lowers, shovel

scoops load, boom raises, shovel

opens to dump. Cab revolves in full

360° circle. Heavy-gauge steel. Rub–

ber treads.' 18 inches long.

49 N5646-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.... ..$3.77


New! Hydraulic Load and Dump


Earth Hauler with Scoop. Front

scoop raises, drops dirt into

dump-type body. Release lever, load

spills through bottom. Swivel–

mounted cab. Dummy diesel motor,

exhaust stack. Heavy-duty rubber

tires. 18)1 inches long. 2 plastic fig–

ures included. Heavy-gauge steel.

49 N


I5-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs. . . ... $2.77


New! Load and Dump Truck.

Picks up its own load with front

scoop, fills truck bed and dumps ..

hand-operated cranks. Scoop may



used as bulldozer. 4 firmly

gripping, heavy-duty rubber tires.

Heavy-gauge steel, baked-enamel

finish. 17)1 inches long.

49 N5625-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs...... $1.87


Conveyor Loader. Large loading

scoop spirals to force dirt onto

endless conveyor belt . . to chute . .

into truck. Loading unit raises for

road clearance. Heavy-duty rubber

treads. Heavy-gauge steel. 14 inches

high. Two plastic figures included.

49 N5620-Shpg. wt.


lbs. 8 oz.. $3.77


Mobile Crane Construction

Truck. Picks up its own load with

front scoop, fills truck bed and

dumps-all automatically by real

hydraulic cylinder. Scoop may also

be used as bulldozer. 6 rubber tires.

14 in. long. Heavy-gauge steel.

Truck. 26-inch boom folds back

for transportation; raises, lowers.

4)1-inch clam bucket closes on load,

trip arrangement drops load. Demo–

lition ball. Heavy-ga. steel. Rubber



in. long. 2 figures incl.

49 N5622-Shpg. wt.


lbs... ..$6.97

New! Land Clearing, Road Grading Equipment with plastic figures

79 N05594-Shpg. wt.


lbs... . .$7.67


High Lift Loader. Digs, scrapes,

dumps its load into truck or

hopper loader. Scoop lifts, locks in

place untillever is released for dump–

ing. Dummy diesel motor, e."Chaust

stack. Heavy-duty rubber tires.


inches long. Two plastic action fig–

ures. Heavy-gauge steel.

49 N5618-Shpg. wt.




New! Mechanical Dump Truck.

Simulated hydraulic cylinder

transmits dumping action from new–

ly developed mechanical power unit

in cab .. emits power noise as truck

spreads dirt evenly through swinging

tail gate. 4 heavy-duty rubber tires.

Heavy-gauge steel. 1972



49 N5586-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz.$3.77


A~ E'qt«f.>~

Ready-for-action scale models


Army Transport and Cannon. Sturdy heavy-gauge steel truck with

tarpaulin cover. Heavy-duty rubber wheels.


inches long. Breech–

loader-type plastic Howitzer that shoots ·harmless wooden shells. Spring–

action trigger on cannon for rapid firing. Attaches to rear of transport.

Crew of five plastic soldiers in realistic action poses included.

49 N5631-1ransport, Cannon and Soldiers. Shipping weight 6 lbs. 12 oz......$3.77

49 N5550-Transport only. Shipping weight 6 pounds.................... . . 2.67


New! Mobile Atomic Cannon. Giant gun barrel raises and lowers . . eleva-

tion registers on encased dial. Swivel gun mount revolves


360°. Press

the fire-control button .. caps e."<plode and harmless missiles hurtle through

space in simultaneous action.


rubber-tipped plastic missiles can't scratch

or mar furniture. Metal army half-track has polyethylene plastic wheels, rub–

ber treads. Caps can be loaded, fired by trigger. Runs on 2batteries (not incl.).



05'606- 23 Inches tong. Shipping weight


pounds.. . .. ......... .....$11.97

34 N 4650-Batteries for above. Shpg. wt. for two, 8 oz................2 for 35c


New! Bulldozer Crane. Like those

used to clear land for housing projects,

etc. Bulldozer scraper can be raised or

lowered; crank on rear raises, lowers crane

hook. Plastic dummy engine and exhaust

stack. Heavy-gauge steel with baked-on

enamel finish. 4 heavy-duty rubber wheels.

16 inches long overall. 2 plastic figures

in action poses included. A thrilling gift

for any youngster.


N5596-Shipping weight


lbs....... $3.77


Road Grader. Scraper raises

and lowers, bladeangle adjusts.

Turn grader's front wheels with

steering wheel. Plastic du=y

diesel engine and exhaust stack.

Heavy-gauge steel with baked-on

enamel finish. 6 rubber wheels. 17

inches long. 2 plastic figures in

action poses included. Order early

in time for Christmas.

49 N5614-Shipping wt.


lbs... $2.77

Big 3-foot long Fire Truck with 5-foot extension ladder $7.53


Jeep and Searchlight Trailer. Rugged army jeep tows trailer with big

Small smoke-eaters rush to the "scene" of the fire


this bright red heavy-

searchlight that splits the sky with its powerful beam. Jeep has movable

gauge steel hook and ladder truck. They swing the movable tiller seat with the

windshield, hood that raises, lowers. Searchlight tilts and turns in all

rear steering wheel, and quickly raise the ladder with the hand-operated crank

directions. Steel. Rubber wheels. Jeep 11 inches long. Trailer 13 inches long.

to rescue trapped "victims" from even the tallest skyscrapers. Will add many

Searchlight runs on 2 batteries (not incl.). 5 action figures.

hours of exciting fun for aspiring young firemen ... please be sure to order

49 N5632-Shipping weight


pounds. . . . . . .

. : ......... ..........$4.87

early in plenty of time for Christmas.

34 N4650- Botteries for above. Shpg. wt. for two, 8 oz............... . .2 for 35c

79 N05558- 0rder now. Shipping weight II pounds. . . . .. ... ... ....... .....$7.53

NOTE: Plastic figures included with some items on these 2 pages may vary from those shown, but will always be appropriate to the item you choose.