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Indoor flash pictures or outdoor snapshots .. all equally easy to take with these outfits

New Kodak Brownie "Starlet"

Exceptionally compact ..


in... weighs only


oz. Takes color

slides as well as color and black-and–

white snapshots. Fast, fixed-focus lens

with adjustment for color or black and

white. Large optical eye-level view–

finder. Soft-working shutter release for

steadiness when snapping the picture.

Double exposure prevention. Flash unit

fits into side of camera--order Kodalite

Midget Flash Unit below. Shutter

synchronized for flash. Takes 12 photos

on 127 film,


picture size.

Black plastic body with bright metal

finisl1. Shpg. wt. 8 oz.

3 N 6121 - "Storlet" Camero.

. ..


3 N 9767- Kodol;te M;dget Flash UnU ..

for "Starlet" Camero. Wt. 8 oz...... $3.64




Our Finest TOWER Box Camera Flash Outfit

Features automatic double-exposure prevention

• Famous TOWER No. 1 Camera takes beautiful color

slides, black-and-white and color snapshots

• Quality optical fixed-focus lens .• flash synchronized


Complete Tower No. 1



Camera Outfit with gadget bog

Now anyone can get in on the real fun of full color

or regular black-and-white photography .. made easy

with the outstanding TOWER No. 1 Camera. We believe

it's the best box camera buy today for features and

price. Developed to meet the need for a camera that is

easy to use ·and produces top quality photos.

Check these fine features: automatic double-exposure

prevention . . you can't waste film and valuable pic–

tures by exposing film twice. Large, extra-brilliant

viewfinder makes viewing easy ·and quick. Sharp lens

is in fixed focus from 6 ft. to infinity .. no adjustments

to make .. just al'tn and snap. Simple operating instruc–

tions printed right on the camera, foolproof operation

for beginners in photography. Instant and time exposure.

Shutter button presses toward body to reduce camera

movement. Easy-to-hold black Bakelite body with

chrome-plated trim. Plastic neck cord. Flash unit plugs

into side for instant use. Test lamp at rear of flash

shows if batteries are still strong .. no waste of bulbs

or film. Takes 12 standard oversize 372x372 prints on

Kodacolor or black-and-white 120 film, also 2Ux2U

color transparencies on 120 Anscochrome film.

Outfit includes TOWER No. 1 Camera, flash unit,

batteries, 8 No.


flash bulbs, 3 rolls 120 TOWER

Panchromatic black-and-white film, and your choice of

brown or bright red plaid carryall bag.

3 N 9877-0utfit. w;th red plo;d bog. Wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz.$1 3


3 N 9878- 0utfit. WUh brown bog. Wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz.. . 13.97

3 N 1-TOWER No. 1 Camera only. Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz... 7.47

3 N9760-Flosh Un;t only. W;th bottedes. Uses No. 5 bulbs.

Sh;pplng we;ght 1 lb.......... . .......... . ........$4.27

Thrift-priced TOWER Box Camera Outfit

All-metal Box Camera •• B-C Flash Unit

Easy to use


camera has large two-way

reflex viewfinder. Lens in fixed focus from 6 ft. to in–

finity .. just aim and snap. Instant and time ex–

posure. Flash synchronized .. B-C unit simplifies

flash picture taking-assures bulb going off every

time .. long-life battery for positive flash. Plunger–

type shutter release button. Camera back slides off

for easy film loading. All-metal body with black

leatherette finish cover .. brushed chrome-plated

front. Hand carrying strap


top. Takes 8,


prints on color or black-and-white 120 roll film.

Outfit includes TOWER Box Camera, B-C Flash

Unit, with battery, 4 M-2 flash bulbs, one roll 120

Kodacolor film, large tweed-effect carrying case.

3 N 9864-Complete Outfit. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.... ..

$9 .50

3 N 8-TOWER Flash Camero only. Wt. 1 lb. 9 oz... 4.47

3 N 9728-B-C Flash UnU. Uses M-2 floslf bulbs. 22Y2 -volt

8.C battery lasts longer. Shpg. wt. 12 oz.......... $3.25

Kodak Brownie "Hawkeye" Outfit

The excellent picture-taking abilit}• and

the simplicity of operation makes this the

popular buy of millions of photo fans.

Compact, easy to carry.

Camera perfectly timed for outstanding

flash pictures. Big, brilliant optical waist–

level viewfinder. Fixed focus from 6 ft. to

infinity .. no focusing or adjustments to

make .. just "aim and click." Thumb–

operated shutter release minimizes camera

movement. Takes


standard oversize

prints 3


72 in. on 620 film. Uses black–

and-white or color film. Black plastic body

with gray trim.

Brownie "Starflex" O utfits

Feature Kodak's "Starflex" .. newest

reflex-type box camera. Hooded reflex

finder, plus direct wire-frame sport finder.

Fixed-focus lens with adjustable openings

for black-and-white and color film.

Takes 12 photos 3%x3Yo in. (oversize

print) on 127 film. Takes black-and-white



prints, and



Brownie Bulls-Eye Outfits

Bulls-Eye Camera .. 3-way focus:


''scenes,'' ''groups,'' ''close-ups'';

(2) 4 ft. to infinity; (3) fixed focus.

Double-exposure prevention. In–

stant, time exposure. Flash synchro–

nized. Takes 8 photos 3


on 620

film. Outfits with flash, batteries,

bulbs, 2 rolls black and white 620

film, neck strap (not shown).

Outfit includes "Hawkeye" camera.

flash, batteries, 8 No.


flash bulbs, 2 rolls

620 black-and-white film.

3N8I65-Complete Outfit. Wt. 2 lbs... $13.45

New! Ansco Color Clipper

Complete Ansco Color Clipper Outfit ..

everything needed to start taking black–

and-white snapshots and beautiful color

transparencies. Newly designed camera has

features that make photography fun and

easy. Takes 12 pictures on 120 black-and–

white or color film, negative size 2Ux2U

in. Has metal bellows that telescope into

metal camera body. Has flash shutter, f :11

doublet lens ("cloudy" and "bright" set–

tings), adjustable focusing, double-exposure

prevention. Convenient eye-level view–

finder. Complete outfit includes Ansco Color

Clipper Camera with flash unit, I roll each

Anscochrome and All-weather Pan film, 4

flash bulbs. universal viewer, and tapered

travel case



and all


3 N 81 24- Ansco Clipper Outfit os described

above. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.... .. .. ........ $23.97

3 N 6120- Comera only. Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz. 12


3 N 8189-Standard "Starflex" Outfit. Includes

Storflex Camero; nosh; batteries; 2 rolls 127

black and wh;te film; 6 M-2 bulbs. Shpg. wt.

3 N 8166- Brown;e Bulls-Eye Outfit.

Camero with block plaStic body, silver–

color metal trim; nosh unit; 6 No.



Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 2 oz.. . . .

. . $19


1lb.12 oz....... ..... ........... $13.97

3 N 9860- New! De luxe "Storflex" Outfit.

As above, but hos new Kodo"k. Rotary Flosholder,

Type I .. rotating carrier disc holds 6 bulbs for

rap;d flash pktures and 12 M-2 bulbs. Shpg.

3 N 9861 -New 8rown;e Bu lls-Eye

"Gold" Outfit. Camero hos gold-color

plastic body and metal trim. Kodalite

M;dget Flosholder and 6 M-2 bulbs. Sh;p.

p;ng weight 3 pounds 2 ounces.. $19


wt. 2 lbs..

. ...... $23.97



3 N 6993 .

3 N 6989 .

3 N 6990..

3 N 6998.





. ... Pinless . ...


. ..Bayonet..


. ..Boyonet..


. ..Bayonet...

TOWER Flash Bulbs •• Top Quality



TOWER flash bulbs, made by a

famous Americanelectrical manufacturing

company. Performance guaranteed ..

guaranteed safe delivery. Compare the

low price of Tower bulbs. Keep plenty on

hand for the Christmas holidays. Order

from table below.

Stale catalog number.





. .4 ounces... . .. 12 in sleeve.

.Sleeve 96c

...6 ounces...

8 in sleeve . .



. . .6 ounces...


8 in sleeve . . ..Sleeve


...6 ounces . ..


8 in sleeve . . . .Sleeve 89c

*NOTE: Use "58" Bulbs for daylight color film indoors


our Foll General Catalog for


larger selection of Cameras, Flash Units,

Film, Flash Bulbs, etc. FREE-send for thf! latest edition of Sears Camera

Cota/og646N .. w,;te lo


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