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Shop from Sears Catalogs

the easy modern way


Simply call the Sears telephone number for your area as

listed on the following pages. Give our phone clerk the cata–

log number, description and price of the items you want.

That's all there is to it. Your shopping is done in minutes.


We will deliver your order directly to your home. Or,



prefer, you can pick it up at Sears Catalog Sales Office or

Sears Retail Catalog Sales Department.


sure to give


information to our phone clerk.

Easy Payment Orders

and, where available,

Sears Revolving

Charge Orders

can be added to your account by phone.Just

give our phone clerk your account number.


you want to

open an account, ask our phone clerk for details.


Shopping by phone saves postage, money order and check

fees. Also,


you pick up your order, you can save consid–

erably on delivery charges.

Use Sears Handy "Wi11-Call


Service for Extra Savings

You can save up to one-half or more on delivery charges-de–

pending upon your location and the size and weight"Of-your-order–

when you pick up your order at the Sears Catalog Sales Office

or Retail Store most convenient to you. This is possible because

we can consolidate orders on one truck to one delivery point, in–

stead of making many deliveries to many different addresses.

So next time you order by phone, try our money-saving "will–

call" service. Our phone clerk can tell you when your order will be

ready to pick up. We think you'll be pleased with this economical,

and convenient service. The number for you to call is listed on the

following pages.

Easiest for You .. Truck Delivery Directly to Your Home


you live in any of the cities listed on the following two pages, you

can have phone orders delivered directly to your home. Just make

your selections from any current Sears catalog, then refer to the

next two pages for the phone number to call.

When your order is delivered, you pay the driver for the goods

plus a small delivery charge. No forms to fill out, no transportation

or parking problems, no heavy packages to carry. It's the easiest

way of all ... the modern, catalog way to shop in the comfort of

your home.

For the Sears number to call in your town, ;ust turn the page