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New ! Double Play Table Set . • . Double Fun!

Two kiddies will have twice as much fun working and

playing together with this ingenious double desk. "Slide–

off" composition top on each desk is easily reversible with

blackboard on one side and white crayon board on the

other. Blackboard has alphabet and numbers printed on

sides. Inside each desk is pegboard and lots of space

for storing special treasures. Comes with 2 mallets, 2

boxes of chalk, 2 boxes of crayons, 2 sets of pegs, 2 wooden–

backed, felt erasers, 2 Celotex boards, 2 sets of artwood

pieces. Made of selected wood with 2 built-in benches.

Smooth finfsh is enameled Black-and-Red. Desk surface

abt. 16 x 11 V2"; overall 16V2 x 45 x 22• high.

79N197 7DL-Unassembled. Delivered ......... 8.9 5


Eraser and

6 Chalks




Bulletin and



Bulletin and Blackboard

A toy that will provide hours of fun throughout

the year, for the youngest of kiddies as well as

older children. Ideal for the budding club

secretary. Blackboard has smooth writing

surface measuring abt. 22 x 16V2• and handy

chalk ledge. Surrounded by stained wood

frame, board has two holes for easy wall hang–

ing. 2 hinged wings form bulletin board with

cork surface on inside for easy affixing of "pin–

ups'' and ''cut-outs''. When shut, wings present

a gaily decorated pin-up surface on outside.

With chalk, eraser and thumb tacks.

7 9N 197 6 DL-Price, delivered ....... 3 . 9 8


Green Board

is designed for lessening


possibility of eye strain. Surrounded by

strong wood frame with Natural varnish finfsh.

Large chalk rail; strong metal hangers.

4. 95

6. 9 5


79N 196 2 DL-About 18 x 24". Del'd.

7 9N 1963 DL-About 24 x 36". Del'd.

79N 1964 D L-About 36 x 48". Del'd.


l a rge Wall Blackboard .

Smooth Masonite


surface gives clear, easy writing and

drawing--easy and quick to erase too. 2 holes

for convenient wall hanging.

7 9N1 966DL-24x36". Delivered .... 2.1 9

7 9N19 67DL-30.x 42". Delivered .... 3. 3 9


Ma sonite Wall Blackboard

with alphabet


and pictures printed at top of board. Large

writing surface, abt. 203/4 x 19" overall. Smooth,

non-warp hardboard, giving easy writing and

erasing. Natural wood frame with broad chalk

ledge. Chalk and felt eraser included.

79N 19 68 DL-Price, delivered ..... . . 1. 49


Combination Blackboard Desk Set.

An all–


in-one toy that gives hours of fun to any

child. Slide off the smooth Masonite board and

d esk converts to peg board or play table. The

Masonite top, measuring l


x 1SV2" has

Black and White surfaces for use with chalk or

crayon. Scroll charts in top turn by means of

knobs at side. Natural finish wood, built-in

stool. Accessories, Celotex pounding board, and

felt -eraser included. Desk measures abt. 28"

high, 16V2" wide and 24V2" long.

79N1972 DL-Price, delivered .... . .. 5.95

Eraser and 6


Blackboard Desk Combination


Real Slate Desk-Type Blackboard


has 2 writing surfaces abt. 13 x 13".

Back drops down to form desk. Row of

counting beads and dummy clock. with

movable hands. Inset above board has

alphabet. Sturdy wood frame.

79N 197 0 DL-38' high. Del'd. 3. 98


W rite on Both Sides

of this desk–


type blackboard, abt. 15 x 15".

Alphabet chart and gay pictures.

Sturdy colored folding wood frame .

·79 N 1969 DL-38" high. Del'd. 2.4 9


Toy Typewriter

makes writing letters an ad–

venture; this toy is a favorite with kiddies

who like to play office and newspaper. 40-

character dial has alphabet, numbers, punc–

tuation marks. l red, I black typewriter

ribbon included. Sturdy steel construction

with baked-on enamel finish. Dummy key–

board is 115/s x 75/s x 43/4". A strong, well–



that will give hours of pleasure.

49 N 1775-Price, delivered. . . . . . . . . 3. 98

Printing Press.

Molded plastjc rotary press for the

budding publisher who wants to print his own news–

paper, cards, stationery or ''books''. Set includes 2

boxes of rubber type, tweezers for handling type and

5 type line holders for setting up type. Type sorting

tray keeps inked type properly sorted. With ink and

ink brush, supply of printing paper, and complete

booklet of instructions. Size


x 6". The ideal



providing hours of constructive play.

De luxe Printing Set.

This fine set will provide

hours of instructive fun for the youngster

interested in the world of printing and pub–

lishing. 360 rubber letters, signs and numbers.

12 large assorted picture blocks, 2 packages

of colored printing cards, four type holders of

various sizes, ink pad and tweezers. Complete

printing instructions are included that will

help your child to print his own cards, 'books'.

49N1776-Set,delivered . . ................. 4 . 9 5

49N 1728-Set, delivered .... . ... . .. 1. 98


. .