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Books fo1; ,the Fun of Learning

Books that tell about the world . for inquisitive minds ages 8 to 88


Golden Encyclopedia. A big

book of all kinds of answers to

youngsters' many questions. Clear

explanations of 1,500itemswith2 ,000

illustrations (many in full color)

make learning fun:. 128 pages.

3N171-10xl3in. Wt.21bs. .....



life's Jr. Edition of World's

Great Religions. This special

edition for youngsters surveys the

many ways people worship all over

the world. Color on all 180 pages.

3 N 566-Sx11 in. Wt. 2 lbs. 7 oz... $4.67


Golden History of the World.

The story of civilization from

cave dwellers to modern times.

Thoroughly illustrated in brilliant

colors. 160 pages.

3 N 560-IOx13 in. Wt. 2 lbs. IO oz.$3.77


Golden Book of Astronomy.

Now youngsters can understand

the mysteries of stars, constella–

tions, planets, etc., with this clearly

written book containing 200 accu–

rate full-color pictures. 10xl3 in.

3 N 172-100 pages. Wt. 2 lbs. ... $3.77


World of Science. Latest in

fields of science clearly explained

with authority of top scientists. 216

pages all in color.

3 N 565-Sxll in. Wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz... $4.67


Golden Book of Geography. An

enlightening tour of the globe

from jungle to glacier fields. Simply

but authoritatively written and vi–

vidly illustrated with over 300 color




3 N 628-10xl3 in. Wt. 2 lbs.. . . .$3.77


Golden Book of America. 216

pages of true stories, fascinating

photos, realistic color paintings, old

prints and posters bring to life our

nation's·exciting past.

3 N 1529-Sx11 in. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz. $4.67


Golden Treasury of Natural

History. Thrilling facts and over

500 color pictures about the past

and present of our planet-its

rocks, fossils, prehistoric and mod–

ern animals. 224 pages.

3 N 173-Sxl I in. Wt. 2 lbs. IO oz.$4.67


Golden Book of Science. By

Dr. Parker of Chicago Museum

of Natural History. Authoritative

introduction to science and natural

history. 450 color pictures.

.• 3 N 393-100 P. 10x13 in. Wt. 2 lbs.


Words. and pictures to send beginners into the wo.nderful world of books




Read and Spell Set.

Ages 5 to 8 Read Alone Stories

are simply worded in large type ..

teach new words. Easy Way To

Better Spelling helps explain baftling

spelling like "laugh," "calf" and

"staff." Each 128 pages in color.

3 N 650


IO% in. Wt. l lb. 8 oz.$1.77


Teach Me Set. For ages 5 to 8.

Teach Me To Read presents 250

words with rhymes and pictures.

Teach Me Numbers explains arith-·

metic through a fun method. Each

128 pages, illustrated. 8.Ysx10% in.

3 N 691-WI. I lb. 8 oz. $et..... $1.77


The Little Bear. First grade

reading skill is all that's needed

to enjoy Little Bear's antics. A

fine book for young readers.

3 N 649-lllustrated. 63 pages. Shipping

weight 10 ounces. . . ............ ..$2.39


Learning to Read with Words

and Pictures. Ages 5 to 10 can

boost their "vocabularies. Alphabet–

ical list of itemsl n word .forms, pic–

tures and as hamples in sentences

vividly teach new words. 192 pages,


full-color pictures per pa:ge. Dura–

bly hardbound. 8%;x9 in.

3 N 680-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz...... $2.77


First Books To Read. Each about

65 pages, color on every one.



in. Each 12 oz.

3 N 635-My First Book To Read. Helps

parents of youngsters





child's interest in

reading .. . .......


3 N 647-My Second Book



Simple stories for ages 6 to 8 who can read

o little on their own.............. $1.37

3 N 648--First Reader: Wings, Wheels

and Motors. Ages 6 and up. Stories of

how people go places, make learning to

read fun........................ $1,37


Beginner Books. Now boys and

girls, ages 5 to 8, can have stories

to read·all by themselves. Carefully

planned and edited, even a first

grader will be able to read every

word used. Ea:'ch book is a delightful

story that will hold the interest of

even a listless reader and give him

confidence and encouragement at the

same time. Each book is full of col–

.ored illustrations, 6x8 in., hard–

. bound. Shipping weight each 1



3 N 629-The Cot in the Hat...... $1.87

3 N 630-The Cot in the Hat Comes

Back ... ..• . ... ._. .... . ·: ....... $1.87

3 N 631-A Fly Went By. . . . . . . . . 1.87

3 N 632-The Sig Jump and Other

Stories. ....................... $1.87

3 N 633-A Big Ball of String. . . . . 1.87

3 N 634-Som and the Fireny. . . . . . 1.87

See our Big Fall Catalog

for a wonderful selection

of Adult Gilt Books

Top Books all about the World


Life's Jr. Edition of World We Live In. A

simplified version of Life Magazine's out–

standing volume about the sea, mountains,

dinosaurs, glaciers-from the birth of our planet

to its possible end. Clea.r, accurate. 150 memor–

able pictures.

3 N 394-216 pages. 8xl I in. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. . . $4.67


Walt Disney's Worlds of Nature. An amaz-

ing collection of 300 beautiful photographs

from Disney's True Life Adventure films, with

engaging commentary. Like a wildlife field trip

over the world.

3 N 550-168 pages. 8x11 in. WI. 2 lbs. 10 oz .. $4.67

Maxton Books for young people. Ages 6 to 12

will love learning about cats, poodles, stallions,

dinosaurs, ballerinas, etc. in these colorfully

illustrated. educational books. Choose from


Ballet, (2) Birds, (3) Horses, (4) Dogs, (5) Pre–

historic Animals, (6) Cats. Each



State catalog and title nos.

3 N 651-Wt. each 6 oz.... 3 for $1.97; 6 for $3.73

Fun Sets. For Ages 5 to 8. Set has two 128-page

books filled with puzzles, other activities. Color–

fully illustrated. Wt. ea. 1 lb. 8 oz.





. Pl·o·y· .







3 N. 690-Playbook, Play and


Botn for only. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.77


Armed Services Library. Expert, frankly in-

formative. Ideal for high school boys. (1)

Army, (2) Navy, (3) Air Force, (4) Marines,

(5) Coast Guard.



3 N 777-.192 pages. Wt. eoch 14 oz...... Each $1.87