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HO Model Electric Train ·Hobby Kit

Twice the fun and costs far less than most other

electric trains because you assemblejt yourself


113-inch Circular track

Now the fun of an electric train plus

the .pride of accomplishment in as–

sembling it yourself . . challenging, yet

easy. And what a beauty it is! HO

model trains are exact duplicates of

actual trains-in scale, design, in every

minute detail. You see every rivet,

wot'k every door, even the ice hatches

work. Easy to assemble HO snap track

fits all U.S.-made HO trains.




HO Model Train KH.Includes heavy-dutyF7 Santa Fe

diesel locomotive with red and silver-color plastic

body, heavy metal underframe, 4 metal wheels inside cast

side frames. Driven by 5-pole motor, permanent magnet

armature; about 9 in. long. Plus B&.M boxcar, Shell tank

car, Carnation Milk reefer, Santa Fe caboose. Each plastic

car has about 30 pieces including miniature spring-type

truck units, metal wheels and axles. Each authentically

painted, about 6 in. long. Kit also includes 12 curved

track sections that make 113-in. circular track, unique

re-railer section, terminal connector, plastic cement.

3 N 263- 0rder powerpack below. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz.. $11.95

[[) Powerpack. Operates forward and reverse. Has

internal circuit breaker, rated over


amp. Supplies

power for accessories. 110-120-volt AC only. UL approved.

3 N


weight 4 pounds 3 ounces . .........



3 N 268-Train Set and Powerpack. Shpg. wt.


lbs..... . 18.95

3 N 348-locomotive


Shipping weight 12 ounces.


3 N 349-Boxcar only. Shipping weight 4 ounces......


3 N 358-Tank Car only. Shipping weight 4 ounces. . .

l .39

3 N 359-Reefer Car only. Shipping weight 4 ounces. .

l .39

3 N 366-Caboose only. Shipping weight 4 ounce•...




Singie-tube Radio Kit. Educational

in a fun way .. and it really works!

Assembles with a screwdriver. Re–

ceives even foreign stations. High–

impact plastic case plus tube con–

denser, volume control, tube sockets,

antenna coil, earphones, antenna and

ground wire. Uses 22),1-v. "B" and



"D" cell batteries,

one each, (not included, order at lower

right). Instructions.

3 N 382- Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.....

. .. $9



Double-tube Portable Radio Kit.

Carry it anywhere-no ground

wire needed. Easily .assembled with

only a screwdriver. Case is smart dura–

ble two-tone plastic. Contains variable

condenser, tube socket holders. an–

tenna, regeneration coil, earpqorre, all

other needed parts. Uses 30-volt "B"

and 17'2-volt "D" batteries. one each

(not included .. order at right) .

3 N 383-lnstructions. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. $1 l .69





Crystal Radio Kit. No batteries

needed-assembles with a screw–

driver. Has "cat's whiskers" for

selecting nearby stations. Antenna,

mounted crystal detector, earphone.

3 N 374- lnstrU'ctions. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.. $2.69

[) Fixed Crystal Radio Kit. High "Q"

ferrite coil receives strong local

signals. Smart 2-tone plastic case,

tuning knob, variable condenser, ear–

phone, antenna, ground wire. No bat–

teries needed, easily assembled.

3 N 377-lnstructions. Wt.2 lbs.10 oz.$6.37


Twin-signal Telegraph Set. Edu-

cational . . Jots of fun. Twin signals

allow transmitting and receiving from

room to room, house to house. Signal

units are plasti'c models of actual sets.

With 25-ft. wire, message book. Uses 4

1Yz-volt "D" flashlight batteries (not

included . . order at right)'.

3 N 388-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 10 oz.. . ... $3.59

3 N 387-0ne.signol Set. Uses two 1V2·V.

"D" batteries Corder at


. 10oz. $1 .85


Trojan Sea Breeze Boat Kit with

outboard motor. A perfectly

scaled model, challen,ging and fun to

put together. Welded balsa wood hull

and accurately die-cut mahogany and

balsa parts interlock for maximum

strength. Metal fittings are precision

cast. Set includes 11 wood pieces. 18

accessory pieces, 6 bottles paint, tube

of cement. Model is 20x7Yz in. Motor

uses 4 flashlight lYz-v. "D" batteries

(not included .. order at right).

3N369-lnstructions. Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz... $9



Pollywog Boat Kit with outboard

motor. A good beginner's set.

Authentic in every detail. Sturdy pre–

formed mahogany and plywood hull.

Wood parts ·die-cut for snug fit. 12

metal fittings precision cast. Kit has

8 wood pieces, 13 accessory pieces, 3

bottles paint, cement. Model is 15Y:lx

5)-1 in. Uses two lYz-v. flashlight "D"

batteries (not ind. order at right).

3N368-lnstructions. Wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz... $5.79


·Sail King Boat Kit. Designed by a

leading yacht expert . . realistic in

appearance and performance. Easy to

build with die-cut mahogany veneer

pieces, cut-to-shape bulkheads, ·fully

weighted metal keel. Sails sewn. Over

50 pieees .including metal fittings,

paint, cement. Boat 22x5Ysx30jnches

high. Instructions.

3 N 373-Shipping weight 2 lbs. .... $7.49


Model Airplane Kit. 2 easy-to-

build fun-to-fly models. All balsa

die-cut parts . .

no ezttting, caning


Kit contains "Cessna 180"



21-in. wingspan, "Ranger

28" . 28-inch span, easy-to-follow

instructions, cement


paint, brush,

paper .. everything you need.

3 N 305-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs......... Kit $2.67

Batteries for Kits on page.

34 N 4650-Standard 1


-volt fioshlight

"D"type. Shpg. wt. 8 oz...... . .. 2 for



Y2 -v.



. 4oz. ea. $1 .20

3N389-30.v. "B" type. Wt. 2 oz. ea. l .47