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Man Your Stations.... Military Equipment

Rider Fire Truck with Searchlight $8.95

Ride and steer to the scene of action seated on this big fire truck. Flick

on giant 4-in. cliam. battery-operated searchlight to spot trapped

"victims." Authentically detailed, brightly enameled heavy gauge steel

.with' simulated gauges and controls. Searchlight tilts, turns :in all direc–



steel ladders interlock to extend to 38 in., can be mounted on rear

of truck. Smooth-rolling rubber tires. 30Yz in. long, 7 in. wide, 15



high. Uses 2 batteries (not inchided .. order bel9w).

79 N 05571'-Shipping welght.16 pounds......... . ........... . ...... . $8.95

34 N 4650-Satteries for obove. Shipping'wt. for two 8 oz. ...' . . . . .... 2 for 35c





Electric Remote Control Po,,;-Pom


Twin guns


360°, fire

and recoil realistically, make loud "pom–

pom" noise·.. . all by remote control.

High impact plastic.


in. long. Uses


batteries (not included . . order below).

49 N 5885-Shpg, wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.. .... $3.95

34 N 4659-Batteries. Wt. 4 oz.. . .2 for 35c


Atomic Connon.

Giant 2-foot long

cannon of high impact plastic with

metal barrel. Fires 4-inch long harm–

less, rubber-tipped "poly'.i projectiles

when firing lever is released. Rack on

rear stores missiles. 5-hi.. heavy duty

easy-rolling rubber wheels.

79 N 05277-Shpg. wt.


lbs......... $4.79


Mobile Radio Jeep.

Plastic "driver"

and radar-raclio "operator." Radar

scanner moves,.machine gun shoots tiny

pellets. Jeep hood raises, windshield

flips down. Heavy gauge steel with rub–

ber wheels. 5Yzxllx6 in. high.

49N5531.,.-Shipping wt. 3 lbs........ $2.89


Giant Mobile Atomic Ca nnon.


impact plastic copy of army mobile

cannon. Moves either direction .. cab§

detach from cannon platform. 17-im

cannon moves up, down .. fires six soft

plastic-tipped shells.

'79 N 05525-42 in. long. Wt.


lbs.... $6.89

[]) GMC Ambulance Outfit.

No army is

complete without front-line first aid

facilities for the "wounded." Includes field

hospital tent, 2 stretchers, 2 litter cases

and plenty of "medical" supplies. Heavy

gauge steel ambulance 14Yzx5Yzx7Yz in.

high, with smooth-rolling, non-marring

"poly" wheels. Authentic baked-on enam–

el colors and markings.

49 N


weight 4 lbs........ $3.79


Amphibious Army Truck.

Rugged all-

steel construction. Removable tar–

paulin cover with authentic insignia. Six

heavy duty rubber wheels; tandem rear

wheels. Removable tail gate. 3-climen–

sfonal flexible plastic "driver." Equipped

with adjustable radar scanner mounted

together with shell-firing machine gun.

20Yzx6Yzx8Yz in. high overall.

49 N 5538-Shipping weight 6 lbs.. . . . . $4.79


Air Force Searchlight Truck.


beam splits the skies to spot "enemy"

aircraft .. light swivels, tilts, turns in all

directions. Rugged heavy gauge steel

truck . . rolls smoothly along on rubber

wheels. Dummy generator, motor and

housing with exha'\lst stack. Authentic

Air Force colors and markings. 6i<l 7x9 in.

high overall. Uses 2 batteries (not incl.).

•49 N 5532-Shpg. wt.


lbs. 4 oz........ $3.89

34 N 4650-Batteries. Wt. 8 oz.. . . . .2 for 35c