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for Modern Junior Generals,


8-58 Supersonic Bomber. Big 2-foot

long jet bomber 6.res 9-in. guided

missile. automatically ejects "pilot " who

glides safely to earth by parachute. Re–

tractable landing gear. Made of silver–

color unbreakable polyethylene.

49 N 5516-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs........... .$2.79


Guided Missile launcher with Rocket.

Realistic launching platform elevates

up to 10%'. in. .high . . fires 6-in. "Nike"

rubber-tipped plastic missile. Made of

sturdy plastic. 13)/2"5YzX4 in. high.over-all

in vertical position.

49 N 5893-Shipping weight 12 oz... . . . .. 89c


Twin Pom-Pom Anti-Aircraft Cannon.

Swivels 360° . . gun barrels recoil

alternately, raise, lower, make loud "pom–

pom" noise. Collapsible plastic sight. Olive

drab color metal and plastic. Crank

operated. 22


in. long. Order early to

avoid the Christmas rush.

49 N 5884-Shipping weight 3 lbs.. . .... $2.89


Jeep . with Rada r Trailer. 3-dimen-


sional plastic "driver" in jeep, "oper–



trailer. Polyethylene radar unit

.. scanner revolves as unit moves. Jeep

hood opens, windshield flips down. Heavy

gauge steel; rubber wheels. Jeep 11Yz

· inches long, trailer 13Yz inches long.

49 N 5539-Shipping weight 6 lbs....... $4.79





Mobile Missile Carrier. Picks up bal-




listic missile, transports it to firing site,


sets missile in vertical position .. rocket

fires. Carrier may also be used as side-lift

fork truck for palleted loads of "lumber,"

"logs," or other toys. Heavy gauge

welded steel construction with steerable

front wheels, all-mechanical action. Rub–

ber tires. 15xllx12);2- inches high with

platform raised. ·

49 N 5541 - Shigping weight 10 lbs...... $8.75


Guide.d Missile launcher Truck. 16-in.

long launcher adjusts to 3 heights,

swivels 360° .. fires 7Yz-in. long rubher–

tipped plastic missile. Latest model truck

cab with wide-view windshield. Colorful

heavy gauge steel construction; rubber

wheels. 17x6);2x9)/z inches high.

49 N 5540-Shipping weight 6 lbs.. .. ...



Army Transport and Cannon. Heavy

gauge steel truck .with tarpaulin cover.

Heavy duty rubber wheels. Tows breech–

loader type plastic Howitzer that shoots

harmless wooden shells. Spring-action

trigger on cannon for rapid firing. 30 inches

long over-all.

49 N 5619-Shipping weight-6 lbs. 12 oz.. $3.89

Set of 6 Soldiers. Assorted action poses.

Flexible plas.tic. About


inches high.

49 N 4848-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz. ....... $1.29

Rider Jeep with Missile Launcher $11.65

Ride and steer your own combat jeep into action . : fire six harmless

rubber-tipped missiles into space from triple push-button launcher.

Radar scanner tracks "enemy" position. Launcher swivels full 360°.

Two missile racks mounted on hood. Tail gate opens to roomy storage

compartment. Olive drab-finished heavy gauge automotive steel;

smooth-rolling rubber tires. Protective front rubber bumper.


N 05572- 10x25x18 inches high over-all. Shpg. wt. 16 lbs. ...........$11.65

Build your Christmas toy order to $20 or more and buy on Sears


Easy Terms with only 10% down


see page 264 for details