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Complete 37-pc. Service


Station with cars

Realistic Allstate De luxe Station

Electric Elevator • . Bell to ring for service .. Roof parking and Car Wash!


Set of 8 Rolling Cars



Imagine a fun-filled station so big several children can

play at once . . so well equipped it rivals a modern real–

life station. Has 8 late-model plastic cars with easy-rolling

metal wheels "(about 4


long), and 10 busy workers.

Ring bell to summon a battery-operated elevator that

really runs (batteries not included; order separately at

right) . Hoist cars up to rooftop parking area or use the

handy ramp. Friction-powered vVrecker tows disabled cars.

Lift them on workable grease rack for repairs . . service with

dummy lubricator. Need a car wash? Just wheel car over to

Car 'Laundry at side of station. It's well equipped with

plastic wash rack and miniature sponge.

Big 28xl0:l1lxl3:l1!-in. high building and 29x16-in. wide

base of gaily colored steel. Decorate with decals of famous

ALLSTATE markings and colorful paper pennants included.

29-Pc. ALLSTATE Service Station

with two friction-powered vehicles .

Take-apart Jaguar . .. 7 others

Complete set


Friction-drive rubber-tired wrecker tows cars; working

grease rack hoists them up. Park cars on roof, glide them

up and clown ramp. S plastic attendants to serve cus–

tomers. Modern friction-drive car, take-apart Jaguar and

7 other late model with easy-rolling wheels.

Colorful station has 2 gas pumps, air pump, tire on

stand, oil and battery displays, lubrication machine,

bucket, jack. Decorate with _2 ALLSTATE signs, 16 paper

pennants, decals. 26xl 4Y,-in. base. Easy-to-assemble steel

station, 18xl0x8 inches high. Shipped flat.

79 N 05963-Complete 29-piece Set. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.... .$4.98

13-pc, Set ·(not shown).



high steel station,

shipped flat. 26x14:l1!-inch base. Lubritorium with sky–

light roof. 2 gas pumps, air pump, tire rack, battery and oil



ALLSTATE sign. Two 4-inch plastic

cars.with easy-rolling wheels. Sheet of ALLSTATE decals.

79 N 05932-Complete 13-piece Set. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.. . . $2.97




Shipped knocked clown; easily assembled. Also 2 modern gas

pumps, air pump, oil can and battery displays, tire on

stand, 2 ALLSTATE _signs on stand, jack, bucket.

79 N 05971 - Shipping weight 7 lbs. Complete 37-pc. set. ... $7.97

34N4650- Std. Flashlight Batteries for above. Wt. for 2, 8 oz. 2 for 35c


Set of 3 Friction Motor Cars. Small replicas of a Jaguar

and 2 hot rods .. beautifully modeled with realistic

detailing. Colorful plastic with easy-rolling wheels.

49 N 5959-About 4 inches long. Shpg. wt. of set, 8 oz ......... 97c


Set of 8 Ca rs for yo ur Service Station. Latest foreign

and domestic models of Ford, Cadillac, Buick, Chrysler,

DeSoto, Sabre J et, 2 foreign racing cars. Colorful molded

plastic with die-cast metal wheels.

49 N 5930-About 4 inches long. Shpg. wt. of set, 10 oz ....... 89c