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Set of 24 Miniature Tree lights



Glimmering pinpoints of light add glamour to all

your holiday decorations . . ideal for vear-round

party use, too. Featherweight lights





Extra safe. too, because they give

off very little heat. Each light only one inch high ..

tmy enough to use on small wreaths and center–

pieces. yet bright enough for use on the biggest,

bushiest Christmas tree. Cord 28 feet long.

set has 24 permanent-contact, independent–

burmng replaceable lamps . . your choice of clear or

asst. colors. Clear lamp sets have white cord colored

lamp sets have green cord. Handy add-on plug.

49 N 6301 - 24-light Set. Asst'd colors. Wt. 8 oz ... $3.25

49 N 6502-Colored lamps for above. Wt. 1 oz. 1O for 69c

49 N 6305- 24-light Set. Clear la mps. Wt. 8 oz .. . . 3 .25



6504- Cleor lamps for above. Wt. 1 oz.. 1O for



New! 20-light Poinsettio Set. Snow white poin-

settias for your tree, mantel or centerpiece. Set

in the center of each flower is a replaceable. inde–

pendent-burning lamp- one goes out. others


li t as long as no bulbs arc removed (for replacement

lamps, order 49


6504 at left below). Plastic

flowers. Clear lamps. 24-ft. White cord.

49 N 6352- 20-light Set. Shpg. wt. I lb..

. . . $5.79


7-light lce-Glo Set. Independent-burning ice-

flake finish lights. 16 in. apart. Sparkling iri–

descent crystals encrust each big round light . .

reflect a nd highlight its beautiful. gay colors. Re–

placeable lamps in assorted colors. Easy-to-attach

spring clips for fastening to tree branches. Complete

with convenient add-on connector. 10-ft. 8-in. cord.

49 N 6303- 7-light Set. Shpg. wt. l lb. 2 oz... . .. $2 .69

Set of 20 Twinkling Star lights

Clear 8-volt tubular miniature lamps flash on and

off together, 16 in. apart, for lovely starry effect.

Special flasher lamp can be replaced with regular

non-flasher for steady glow. Lights burn in series . .

one goes out, all go out. Convenient add-on plug.

Easy-to-attach spring clips for fastening to tree

branches. Lamps imported from Japan.

49 N 6144-


20-light Set. Shpg. wt. l lb...... $2.69

49 N 6324- 8

clear non-flasher

lamps. Shpg.


2 oz..


49 N 6325- 4


nashe r lamps. Shpg. wt. I oz.... . 45c


Heavenly Twinkle Lights. Blink on and off like

little stars. 16 in. apart. Independent-burning



lamps in assorted colors. Attractive cande–

labra bases. Attachment clips. Add-on plug.

49 N 6320-IO ft. 8 in. 7-light Set. Shpg. wt. I lb. $1.98

49 N 6323- 21 ft. 4 in. 15-light Set. Wt. I lb. 4 oz. 3 .98

49 N 6326- Cord of 3 lo'Tlps for above in assorted colors.

Shipping weight 2 ounces..

. . .

3 lamps for 69c


Series-type Set. Assorted-color C-6 lamps.

Safety sockets. Add-on plug. Clips.

49 N 6351 - 14-ft. 8-light Set. Shpg. wt. 9 oz.... ... 79c

[[) Independent-burning Sets. Assorted-color



lamps. J apanese. Safety sockets.

49 N 6450- 9 ft. 4 in. 6-light Set. Shpg. wt. 9 oz.. .. 98c

49 N 6451 - 17


4 in. 12-light Set. Wt. I lb. I oz. $1 .98

Set of 20 Red Rosebud lights

Red rosebuds brilliantly reflect the light of a

miniature lamp nestled in the center of each

flower. :.VIakes a lovely decoration for tree, mantel

or centerpiece. Replaceable, independent-burning

lamps- one goes out, the others stay lit as long

as no bulbs are removed. Multi-petaled rosebuds,

20 inches a part, reproduced in durable plastic.

20 clea r-color lamps. 20-ft. green-color cord. For

replacement lamps, order 49


6504 below, left.

49 N 6350- 20-light Sel. Shipping weight l pound $5.79

Extra Lamps in Assorte d Colors .


C-6, 15-volt Series-type Lamps.

Handy 15-ft. Extension Cord




C-6 Series-type Bubble Lamps to





49 N 6134-Shpg. wt. 3 oz. 10 for 64c


C-7 V2 Independent Lamps. G-E or

Westinghouse. Ceramic finish.

49 N 6570- Shpg. wl. 3 oz..


for 69c

[]] C-9 V2 Outdoor Lamps. G-E or

\\"estinghouse. Colored inside.

49 N 6567- Shpg. wt. 5 oz.....


for 89c


lce-G lo Independent Lamps.

49 N 6306- Wt. 12 oz.. 10 for $1.89

brighten your Christmas.



49 N 6508- Wt. 6 oz

6 for $1.49


C-7 Y2 Independent Bubble Lamps.

Colorful .. wonderfullv decorative.

49 N 6509- Wt. 10 oz. .



for $ 1.64


15-foot Extension Cord. 3-way tap,

plug. \\"ired with Ko. 18 cord.

Brown color. Carries up to 800 watts.

34 N 5838- Shipping wt. 9 oz. .. Each 7 5 c


Set of 20 Heavenly Jewel-bright Reflectors add a n extra

colorful, festive note to your Christmas tree. 12-point re–

flectors fit all sta ndard-size indoor light sets. Sturdy plastic

construction. Assorted holiday-bright colors include red, blue,

green, amber and clear.

49 N 6308- Set o f 20. Shipping weight 6 ounces.............. 89c