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Electric Football on a

28x15-in. vibrating board


Put all your football strategy into action with a team of

miniature players that leap into motion when the switch

is flipped on your electric vibrating field. Kicker-passer

sets up authentic plays. Ball can be kicked,



run. All 22 players block and tackle. Operates on 110-

120-volt, 60-cycle AC. UL listed motor. Game also

includes 2 magnetic balls. Hardboard field in steel frame;

goals, markers.

79 N 236C-Shipping weight 7 pounds.... . ........$7.66

El~ctric Tr~ck




with movmg men

A switch is the starting gun for real-action.



mile, quarter mile or low hurdle races; setting 4 plastic

trackmen moving around vibrating 1Sx26-in. board.

Plastic over metal. 110- 120-v., 60-c. AC. UL listed.

79 N 341!C-Shipping weight 4 pounds . ........$5.44




Just like playing a real football game.

Backfield men, carrying magnet-tipped

football, try for first downs and TD's.

Linemen can block and tackle. A spring

catapult, used for kick-offs and passing,

adds more realism . . opposing team can

intercept passes and take over. Offense

Foto-Electric Football

on lighted gridiron

Quarterback your own team! Viewer shows every

play in motion .. duplicates resu.Jts, hard-hitting

action and suspense of real football. Field with

illuminated Play-viewer;· offense and defense

plays; scoreboard; dials for kicks, runbacks ..

all in box 18x13%'x5 inches. Includes 11 plastic

players. Play-viewer is UL listed, operates on

110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC-DC.

49 N 216-Shipping weight 4 lbs. 2 oz....... $5.44

Electric Cars r ace

on 28x15-in. track

Speedway auto racing in miniature. Four plastic

cars whiz over the tricky four lane track .. corner,

pull away on the straights and speed over the

finish line on the vibrating board. Hardboard in

durable steel frame. Plug into any 110- 120-volt.

60-cycle AC outlet. UL listed.

79 N 357C-Shipping weight 6 pounds ... ... $6.88

It's just like real football with

plenty of body contact and

broken field running. When

the big 36x21-inch electrical–

ly-controlled field starts to

vibrate, all of the 22 men are

set in motion.

National League

Electric Football

controls the push-button vibrator. The

hardboard field is- set in steel frame.


cludes emblems, pennants, stick-on uni–

forms, goal posts, markers, metal scoreboard

and rules. Operates on 110- 120-volt, 60-

cycle AC. UL listed.

79 N 404L-Shipping weight 13 lbs .. .. $12.44



Spinner Football

without battery

The quarterback in this game. is a bat–

tery-controlled spinner. Signal code num–

bers decide the plays. Wooden pegs keep

score as the plastic foot.ball is moved

up and down the 16x6-inch fiberboard

field. Uses 1 "D" battery; order below.

79 N 367C- Shipping weight 2 lbs. ...$2.66-

" D"

Battery.. Shi.pping weight each 4 oz.

79 N 4660 .

. .. . . Each 16c; 4



Skill Drive magnetic



Raceway Game

Racing-car fancier can take the wheel himself

and maneuver sports car over a twisty


right on 10%'x14-in. cardboard raceway. Two

miniature plastic cars negotiate curves,

bridges, run into road blocks. Player eontrols

magnet underneath raceway.

49 N 383- Shippingweight I lb. 8 oz.. .... $1.66